Overview of the Assignment

MGT5OBR – Assessment 1 Instructions

Individual Assignment


Overview of the Assignment


Individually write an essay of approximately 2000 words, critically reflecting on the role of individual differences in your own management practices and organisational behaviour outcomes. This assignment focuses on the Big Five Model of Personality.


Specific Instructions


Complete and score the Big Five measure (http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/).

Include a copy of your responses as an Appendix when you submit the assignment (this is not included in your word count but will contribute toward your Assessment 1 mark).


Use your scores on the Big Five measure, relevant personal experiences, and OB theory and concepts, including research from at least 10 academic and peer-reviewed journal articles, to answer the following questions:

  • Analyse your personality profile for each dimension of the Big Five from a management leadership perspective.
  • How is your effectiveness in leading a team affected by your personality profile? Consider all relevant dimensions of the Big Five.
  • With your knowledge of personality in general, and your personality more specifically, what would you change to improve your effectiveness in a team in the future? How would you achieve this change for the relevant dimensions of the Big Five?


Formatting your Assignment

Write your essay in a neat, professional and engaging manner using essay format. Resources for writing essays can be found at the following sources:


The body of your essay should be no more than 2000 words and include the following:

  • Introduction and conclusion
  • A very brief description of the Big Five Model of personality in general
  • Analysis of own effectiveness in a team in relation to the Big Five Model (see above questions under Specific Instructions)
  • Use of relevant OB theory &/or concepts and personal examples to support your reasoning
  • Evidence of academic research to support your reasoning. Include at least 10 references from relevant and high quality peer-reviewed academic journal articles.
  • Appropriate in-text citations and references pages

Note that references, appendices (i.e., copy of the Big Five measure) and title page are not included in the 2000 word count.

Research and Citations

This assignment requires you to read a minimum of 10 academic research articles other than what are provided in the textbook. Academic research refers to articles published in academic, peer-reviewed journal articles. The academic research articles should be relevant to the topic, contemporary (i.e., published in the last 5 years) and high quality (i.e., published in journals ranked by the Australian Business Dean’s Council or Australian Research Council as A*, A, or B). You are encouraged to use additional high quality sources beyond the minimum requirement (e.g., additional journal articles, book chapters, etc.). Tips for finding appropriate references can be found in the Research Tips book in this site. Note that Wikipedia and similar sources are not acceptable for this assignment.

Properly cite sources in the main text and include a separate reference page. The in-text citations and references should be formatted using a professional and conventional style. The American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition or Harvard style are preferred. See the library website for tips on using these formats: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/library/individual assignment-thesis-support.


Marking Criteria


A marking criteria grid will be provided on the LMS.