Overview of the Assessment

An Overview of the Assessment 3: Presentation on
Sustainable Marketing

How to structure the assessment 3
presentation on sustainable marketing?
Step 1. Identify a key issue around sustainability;
Step 2. Discuss relevant sustainability theory (s);
Step 3. Lean the discussion towards a sustainable
marketing principle (s)
Step 4. Appropriate recommendations for the senior
management team.

Issues of Sustainability – Assessment 3
Source: http://www.unglobalcompact.org.au/issues/sustainable-development/sustainable-development-goals-sdgs
Sustainability Theories
– Stakeholder theory;
– Triple bottom line;
– Balance score card;
– Legitimacy theory
Sustainable marketing principles – consumer-oriented
marketing, customer value marketing, innovative marketing,
sense of mission marketing and societal marketing.

End of the Module 5.2