Overview of the analysis and data



Describe the research problem and what makes it a problem

When you’re in a capitalistic society, there is a template to which you must adhere in order to reach the ultimate goal of profit. You live your life working and earning in an effort to get closer and closer to this goal. But what is to be made of those that don’t have the ability to do the same? Those who are unemployed are often automatically associated with titles that fall into the same category as “sluggish”, “lazy”, “unmotivated”, “unconcerned”, etc. But an often-overlooked problem comes when these titles become attached to those with disabilities, who cannot work, which leads me to what this essay will be examining.

State the research question

How has capitalism impacted the perception of people with disabilities and what are the possible implications for women?

Summarize the argument


Overview of the analysis and data

Hint at relevance of findings?

Literature Review

Analyze what the existing literature says about the problem

The literature that currently exists tends to discuss how capitalism directly impacts people with disabilities rather than how it alters the perception of them by the public.

Explores the origins of the issue rather than the present or future

If authors have tried to tackle it before

A few but not in a scholarly mammer, more so bloggers, activists, etc.

What was overlooked or misinterpreted

How this problem particularly impacts women and femininity which is only addressed by Sick Woman Theory, which itself only touches very briefly on capitalism as a factor .

Demonstrate how my angle will be new and add to the existing literature

Highlights the intersectionality of not only capitalism and disability, but also adds a feminist criticial IR perspective.

Methodological Section

Propose a new way of looking at the problem

Outline how to approach it

What type of data will support this angle

Time frame and context


Analysis of the evidence used to support the argument

Should help to answer the research question


Summarize the argument

Propose another problem that could arise from this one




Sick Woman Theory

If we take Hannah Arendt’s definition of the political – which is still one of the most dominant in mainstream discourse – as being any action that is performed in public, we must contend with the implications of what that excludes. If being present in public is what is required to be political, then whole swathes of the population can be deemed a-political – simply because they are not physically able to get their bodies into the street.”

Capitalism and Disability Selected Writings by Marta Russell