Capstone Project: Phase III – FINAL Results Assignment Instructions

Topic: Newly Created Cloud VPN – a new design I must create

Please See attached Phase 1 & Phase 2 and Slide to use as a reference


Appendixes are also necessary.


The thesis concludes with the implementation of the research design and methods, a discussion of the results of the research project, limitations of the research and design, implications of the results for management, and the final benchmarked design prototype.

Data collection or data generation is necessary immediately in this phase if it has not already started to assure the information is necessary to carry out the research design and methods. New knowledge and findings will result from the tests, code, monitoring tool metric analysis/comparison, and/or other sources proposed in the results section. In addition, steps need to take place that assure the research methods used were reliable and valid.

Recall examples of the new contributions accepted, which include either new code as an artifact and testing this in some form or a statistical analysis:

New code/script/or configuration

New application and/or software and testing its performance, security, etc

Development of a new algorithm, database, protocol, etc and testing its efficiency, memory usage, security, etc

Programming a new network, security, storage, and/or system script that solves an original problem and testing its level of automation, performance, etc

Statistical analysis

Note, please assure you either have Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval at this point or do not need it if completing this type of capstone

Statistical analysis using descriptive, correlational, quasi-experimental and/or experimental designs

Big data analytics and/or predictive analytics using clustering, classification, and/or regression trees

The results section focuses on the results of answering or testing the RQ. As Phase I challenged, it is important for the Master’s thesis to contribute new knowledge to the field and a significant portion of the assessment in the rubric revolves around this goal in Phase III. Results of the final research should address the original gaps in literature, research question, and follow the research methodology previously outlined objectively and without researcher bias. Results will also include the final system design diagrams. These should be described given the steps of the research methodology, chosen design standards, and/or design frameworks.

A final discussion of the results will encompass several components. The study will conclude with the inclusion of the new artifact such as the software code, statistical analyses, discussion of the results, managerial implications, limitations of the results, and recommendations for similar projects or research based upon the results. Managerial implications will detail the “so what” aspect of your results.

New Cloud Systems Design Diagram:

System architecture environment security, and controls design diagram

must have 18 to 20 points and 15 pieces of hardware

Diagram must include screenshots with a visible operating system date/time and unique piece of information that identifies the student’s computer for credit.


Results of Final Cloud –

700 words 3 references

Over 400 lines of accurate code/scripting/configs tested with at least one measurement using appropriate statistics, reliability, and validity.

And/or more than 5 accurate quantitative analyses such as regressions, classifications, correlations, etc tested with at least five measurements using appropriate statistics, reliability, and validity.