Overall Summary of Perforrnance area

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GSS Formative
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Sagarkumar Vimalbhai Patel Global Strategy and Sustainability
Overall Grade Overall Summary of Perforrnance Areas where you perform well Areas you could irnprove
Pass A reasonable assignment that uses limited theory/models to address the critical elements of the tasks required. Please see comments. Well done for organising yourself to deliver a formative assessment for feedback.
Task 1 – You should address the key elements of the task to a better level. You need to use some of the established models to analyse the external environment such as PESTLE which you did b. not Porters 5 Force, etc and intemal environment such as VRIO model and Value chain in relation to Testa. The three most cMical elements need to be identified along with their sources of competitive advantage to a better level, you mentioned them but they can be better. Task 2 – Here it is essential to use models to analyse Teslas global strategy. This needs to include content on the motives of expansion (Yip’s model), the modes of entry available to Testa (Export, Joint Venture etc) which you touched on b. can be better and a clear recommendation regarding their overall global strategy (Transnational/Export etc). Be sure to provide recommendations on what they can do in the future using these frameworks.
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