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ENG305 Safety Risk & Reliability Assignment 4 Safety in Design Introduction This assignment is to build on the previous assignments and to get you to now actively consider safety in the design of plants and operations right from the start rather than add it in at later stages. True safety in design is an intrinsic part of planning from day 1 and must be equally important as the engineering , finance, marketing and other considerations. The Assignment Now that you are familiar with asking the right question at the formative design meetings , have a little bit of experience in recognizing risks and hazards and dealing with them via control and mitigation strategies, comes the next stage. A design of a plant which recycles scrap steel is required. Once again, you are the safety expert and it is now your role to ensure that the designs of the various major items of the plant and their layout is done to optimize all aspects of safety but still allow an efficient operation. The design of each of the plant items is being done by other Engineers who are experts in their field but not necessarily have your familiarity with safe design or be aware of the need to integrate a safety in design approach across the whole plant. The site: 100m X 100m flat ground situated in the Humpty Doo area adjacent to the Arnhem Highway ,near Darwin. Serviced by an all weather sealed road with three phase power at the site boundary . The land has appropriate zoning and the plan has approval from the appropriate Planning Authority. The Plant : 1. The site plan has allowed for an open air receiving area to dump incoming loads of scrap steel to be divided into sheetmetal, scrap household goods & car bodies, structural sections and other. 2. The steel is then moved to either a press ( sheetmetal& car bodies etc ) or to a guillotine/cutting machine to reduce the steel to pieces less than 200mm X 200mm or less than 5kg. 3. Pressed sheetmetal bundles of approximately 3,000 kg are then stacked undercover awaiting loading. 4. Containers of shredded solid steel weighing approximately 3,000kg are also stacked under cover awaiting shipment. 5. The large press and the cutting machine are housed in separate sheds on the site and are large enough to allow the entry of road trains to enter at one end and leave at the other. 6. Material handling on the site is done by forklift trucks and in the large sheds id done by 2 overhead travelling cranes of 5000kg capacity. These cranes are able to move over the entire length of the shed and are used to load and unload the processing machines ( press and cutting machine ). They are also used to load trucks to facilitate shipment. 7. The plant will operate over two shifts from 6am to 12 midnight during the months of April to November inclusive and then be maintained by a crew of 2 maintenance fitters during the rest of the year. In addition to the main plant areas there will be a Management office/reception are, an employee facility, various storage sheds and a service maintenance workshop. Tasks for the Safety Expert You are required to select some aspects of this plant and/or its operations and to make a series of recommendations as to safety. Issues may include recommendations about the roadways on site, turning radii, clearance between buildings, safe stack heights of bundles, crane operations, forklift operations, lighting requirements both indoor and outdoor, positions of employee facilities, stocking of the medical room in the employees facility, fencing and/or gating needs of the site, sizing and positioning of the receiving area, fire fighting needs, sizing and positioning of the main sheds and internal clearance heights etc. You must also select 5 identified hazards and complete a Risk Analysis with mitigation/control measures. (You may use and update these items from assignment 3. ) This list is just some examples of the issues to think about. The list is not intended to be addressed or to limit your thinking but is included to give you an idea of the scope of the safety in design issues. You are required to write a technical report of approximately 3,000 words detailing how you would address some issues similar to the above including your recommendations . Some of these are already covered by appropriate standards so you may need to do some research. Most are not and are dictated by the task at hand.

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