Organisation Background

Organisation Background
The ‘Home-Away-From- Home’ (HAFH Pty Ltd) chain is a large organisation of approximately 3000 employees. They own and operate a large number of boutique hotels, motels and apartments throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Implementation Scenario
HAFH appreciate the recommendations that you made for IT service support in your recent report. It is intended that an integrated IT Service Desk will be implemented as part of the next range of projects to be undertaken
HAFA is suffering from increased competition from other larger hotel chains. In addition they see an opportunity to expand into markets such as conferences and events. As is usual in this type of industry, regular upgrades need to be undertaken to remain competitive. Recent surveys and customer feedback reveals that patrons are critical of many facilities and services at many of their establishments. Moreover, staff morale is low as customers blame them for the poor service and aging facilities.
HAFH have identified a program of projects that address problem areas in the organisation. A substantial number of these have significant IT components. Given your expertise in the implementation of IT systems particularly development, release and deployment, you have been asked to advise on the implementation element of the project.
System implementation Plan Implementation Requirements
You are required to provide advice and develop a plan outlining the direction and requirements for the implementation part of the project. You are not required to develop a project schedule or costings for the implementation. That is to be handled by the project manager. If a work breakdown structure helps you identify key areas within the implementation then use it as tool to support your implementation plan, You do not have to produce one. Again, your role is to advise on implementation not as project manager.
Projects and IT Requirements
The various projects will involve:
The implementation of organise-wide VOIP systems throughout the chain. This will include head office as well as hotels.
Extensive upgrade to all WiFi systems throughout the hotels. These have been slow and a constant source of criticism by patrons
An audit of the head office network indicated significant risks which could lead to breaches. Penetration testing has been undertaken. A project is to be undertaken to implement changes at head office and hotels.
Upgrade of PC’s along with the installation of Windows 10
Upgrade to software to provide for rapid access to data and the entry of data.
The development of a new loyalty card system. Specifications have been developed. The implementation will involve the development, release and deployment of the system throughout the hotel chain. Significant training is required.
Installation of networked printers/copiers on all sites.
Upgrade to the organizations web system along with a more friendly mobile app experience
The development and deployment of new backend systems to support administrative functions. These include booking and an integrated billing between areas within each hotel.
– A third party provider, Hospitality Solution, will modify the standard modules which are already used by the HAFH group. They use a module called BookIT for accommodation bookings in the reception area, and a module called CookIT in the catering area. They estimate that the BookIT module will take 20 hours of programmer time to modify. CookIT will take 15 hours to modify.
– The IT department at HAFH will need to work with them on the development and deployment. Your advice on a cutover strategy is required.
The roll out of a new 24/7, organization wide, fast response Service Desk based on ITIL principles.
The implementation of improved IT marketing systems in such areas as CRM
The installation of conference and event IT systems in new areas within the major hotels. This will include data projection and internet access.
The organization and overseeing of the training of staff who use the system. Each group may have different training needs.
In all of these projects, how are you going to ensure that what you do is correct and of high quality. Remember, this is a hotel chain where people expect prompt and friendly service. If the IT systems do not work there are immediate as well as long term consequences
Assignment Requirements
Your group is required to develop an implementation plan for a number of systems.
How many systems do we have to select?
There are a large number of systems identified in the projects above. You are to select a small group of related projects and develop one plan. You may want to concentrate on the network, or the programming and deployment of new computer programs. It is up to you.
So what do we need to do?
You are to work though the implementation requirements for the systems you have developed. Using the template, develop a Systems Implementation Plan
How do we know we are on the right track?
Ask yourself the following questions: