, or by its Fixed Assets? Notes: · This Assignment is worth 40% of

Module: D001 – Quantitative Methods for Business Tutor(s): Deji Owoeye Term: Summer Repeat 2017 Report Question: Is a business’s number of Employees more likely to be affected by the Operating Revenue (Turnover), or by its Fixed Assets? Notes: · This Assignment is worth 40% of the overall mark for this module. · To compile this report you will be required to gather some business data and analyse it using Minitab software. · Your report should provide a synopsis of the findings from your data analysis. · The deadline for this piece of work is Friday 25th August 2017 (week 3). · You should submit; o Two hard copies (to your tutor at the beginning of Friday’s session time) o One electronic copy (Turnitin link -> VLE) · Work submitted after this date will be subject to the college’s policy on late submissions and will receive a reduced mark. · You must ensure that this assignment is your own work and in your own words. · Any ideas/theories based upon the work of other writers must be fully acknowledged and correctly referenced both within the text and the bibliography. · It is not acceptable to quote major sections of text, even if it has been fully referenced. Learning outcomes: In completing your report you will be required to demonstrate the following abilities; · Interpreting representations and summaries of univariate and bivariate data relating to business. · Analysing output from both specialist statistical and general office software. · Producing representations and summaries of univariate and bivariate data relating to business. · Creating appropriate quantitative analysis using specialist statistical and general office software. · Gathering business data from published sources. · Communicating the findings from statistical analysis.· Data Analysis Your report is a tool for communicating the findings of your analysis, so before you write it you need first to gather data and analyse it. 1. Select 30 businesses and for each business find three pieces of data: No of Employees, Fixed Assets and Operating Revenue (Turnover) for the latest year for which data is available. This will give you three sets of data with each set relating to a different variable. (Please note: you should all select 30 different companies which should give each of you a slightly different answer) 2. Use Minitab to analyse this data and assess which pair of variables have the stronger relationship. 3. Print hard-copy evidence of the work you have done and include this in the appendices section of your report. The Report The purpose of your report is to communicate the data analysis you have carried out. As with all reports it should be separated into a number of sections, each one of which fulfils a separate function to provide an overall picture of the work you have done. These sections should include: · Introduction o This section provides an introduction to the problem or question you intend to address in your report. o You may also like to outline briefly what you expect the result of your analysis to show · Procedure o Where did you get your data from and why did you choose those companies to conduct your analysis? · Methods of Analysis o How did you carry out your analysis? o What is the theoretical background to your analysis? · Results and Conclusion o What results did your analysis generate and what do these mean? o How does the actual result compare with your expected outcome? o What is your interpretation of this result – what does it mean in a wider sense? · Appendices o Additional material such as printed Minitab output can be included here. Your report should not exceed 750 words in length.   Marking Criteria Marks for this assignment will be given according to the following criteria: a) How comprehensively your report answers the question b) The quality and accuracy of the analysis you perform c) How well your report communicates your analysis d) Whether it includes all the appropriate sections e) Your explanation of your findings and what they mean Hints and Tips 1. The most important thing you must do in completing this assignment is to make sure that you answer the question that has been set. 2. Ensure that you remain within the word limit given for the report. The word limit is to test whether you can write concisely, thereby getting all the main points down without wandering ‘off-topic’. Pieces of work that are significantly longer than 825 words may receive a penalty. 3. You will all hand in slightly different reports from each other – this is fine. There is no precise, set answer because you are all working with different sets of data. In fact, if two people do generate the same results I will be extremely suspicious! 4. Remember that this is an individual piece of work so you should complete it on your own. Feel free to discuss the data analysis and to ask each other questions if you have any problems. I would advise you all to not – under any circumstances – show any other student your work. 5. When you hand your work in, please ensure that all the pages are stapled together and that you keep a copy for yourself. 6. The marking scheme that we use in the UK may be different from that which you are familiar with. The pass mark for this assignment is 40%. This means that you have just succeeded in meeting the criteria set out earlier in this handout. 7. You will not get a second chance to improve on the mark that you are given for this assignment. Thus, if you are given a score of 55%, that is the mark that will be entered onto your mark sheet. Final Checks Before submitting your work ask yourself these questions: 1. Does my report answer the question properly? 2. Does my report give a good description of my analysis? 3. Does my report include all of the relevant sections? 4. Is my report clear? 5. Have I structured my work logically and coherently? 6. Is my report entirely my own work? If the answer to any of these questions is no then your work is unlikely to score a very high mark – it may not even score a high enough mark to pass!

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