opportunity to relate your experience

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Please respond within each entry informally based on your personal opinion, feelings and/or experiences. The purpose for this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to relate your experience, thoughts and beliefs to the information covered in this course through a reflective process.

1. Each entry is worth 3% of your final mark in the course, making this full assignment worth 30% of your course grade. 2. There is no need to conduct research to complete this assignment. 3. The approximate length of each entry should be minimally a half page (single spaced) to one page. 4. Marks will be based on your ability to apply. identify and integrate your personal knowledge and experiences with the course content contained within each question. 5. Marks will be deducted for entries that do not meet this requirement. 6. Please submit your work as a Word or PDF file.

Grading: Each entry is worth 3% of your overall mark for a total value of 30% of your final grade in the course. There is a minimum length requirement of 250 words per