operating system

1. what is an operating system, what are the functions of an Operating System, list the other activities the OS has and what is deadlocking and provide an example of deadlocking(Do not use the example I provided on the slides). 2. What a process, process components, what are the states a process goes through during execution. 3. What is a thread and list all 3 thread states and what is the difference between a process and a thread. 4. What is hyper threading. 5. What is cloud computing, explain the purpose of cloud computing, what are the benefits of cloud computing and what companies offer cloud computing services. Provide 3 examples of how you could be using cloud computing today. 6. Define virtualization, virtual machine and hypervisor. What are the benefits of virtualization. 7. What is SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, XAAS provide an examples for each.