Online market project

Tips and Guidelines on Completing the Project Scope Statement
Project Prepared by: Enter your name
Organisation: Your internship company (or where you are employed)
Project Name: A short but meaningful name for the project. e.g. Online market project
Business Benefit: Why are we proposing this project? What opportunity is it intended to realise, or what problems is it intended to
fix? e.g. To create a new e-Commerce web site, which will increase sales
Project Deliverables: The tangible outcomes the project should deliver. e.g. An eCommerce web site; User manual.
Project Acceptance Criteria: How will you know the project is working correctly?
Out of Scope: Items that will NOT be delivered, but people might think they are part of the project. e.g. Uploading the web
pages to a server, testing the web page on MS Internet Explorer before version 8.0, and so on. Photographing
the items for sale.
Key Constraints: Conditions that will limit your ability to manage the project. e.g.
1. An Internet connection is available only between 6am to 10am each day
2. There is no funding for travel or accommodation
3. Amandeep, a key resource, will be available only at weekends
Key Assumptions: Conditions that you believe to be true. e.g.
Maryam will be able to drive us there and back every afternoon
Funding will be sufficient to complete the project
Key Risks: The main things that can go wrong with the project. e.g.
1. The computer might break down
2. The team might become too busy to finish the project
3. The site might not work correctly on mobile devices.
Key stakeholders: The main people with an active interest in the project (either positive or negative) as well as the project Manager
and project team. For this question, put yourself, your supervisor and your tutor here.
Estimated Duration: What dates do you think the project will start and finish?
Estimated Level of Effort How many person hours of work do you think will be required? e.g. If you believe the project will require three
people for 2 hours each week for 8 weeks, then the estimated Level of Effort will be 48 hours (i.e. 3 people x 2
hours x 8 weeks)
Project Team Members: All people actively involved in the work of the project. The project Manager’s name should be followed by (PM).
e.g. <your name> (PM), Lianhui Hua, Maheshpal Singh