Office equipment

BUSM57951 Final Project – Winter 2022

Due 29 March 2022 10 am.

Problem Statement:

You are expected to source Office equipment from global sources which yield the best landed cost for products arriving in Mississauga for Sheridan College.

Office equipment to be sourced includes:

1000 Office Chairs

1000 Desks

1000 Computer Monitors 24” or 26”

1000 Computers (desktops or laptops)

1000 Keyboards

1000 Mice

You are to design a sourcing strategy which allows you to buy products from any international source such that you can achieve the following objectives:

Lowest Landed cost (cost per unit, shipping, insurance, and brokerage costs)

Best Quality (based upon consumer reviews)

Good payment terms

Your sourcing strategy needs to provide at least three quotes for these PPE supplies. You need to rate the 3 quotes in relation to best option by designing a decision matrix for supplier selection based upon 3 criteria listed.

You need to identify which is the ideal INCOTERMS to bring product into Canada (Mississauga). You can use ship to address as: Sheridan college H M C campus: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Your Project report needs to have:

Cover page

Table of contents


Sourcing strategy

Sources of procurement – Provide copies of quotes (documents / screen shots etc.) Can be a manufacturer / distributor / e-commerce etc. Collect at least 3 quotes from different sources for these items.

Cost analysis – Excel or MS Word Table with all contents and calculations (This includes cost of individual items and extended cost, taxes, duties, freight cost to deliver product to ship to address, insurance cost, brokerage costs etc. Total Landed Cost)

Quality rating

Freight cost using ideal INCOTERMS. – List the freight incoterms and modes of transportation along with cost for each quote- Have at least 3 freight quotes.

Supplier selection matrix – Excel or MS Word Table with all contents and calculations

Your recommendations – Which supplier would you choose based upon #9 and why?

Bibliography and Appendix – Cite your sources for this Project in Bibliography and add any supporting information for this project into the Appendix.

Grading Rubric:

This assignment is worth 100 points. This assignment weight is 25% of your overall grade for this course.

Report Quality: 5 Pts

Sections 3-10 – 10 Points each – 80 Pts

Sections 1,2,11 – 15 Points