Objectives This assessment requires you critically

Dear Expert, this is the part of assessment 1 which is (Re-Design of the Brisbane Airport), I have attached the report of assessment 1 please kindly do on that topic and follow this Assignment 2 criteria very carefully. Assignment 2 Objectives This assessment requires you critically analyse the system design process of a project using the theory and principles studied during the course. This assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes 1 to 5. Background Chapters 1-6, 9 & 14, Blanchard and Fabrycky Prescribed Text book Systems Engineering and Analysis 2011 Fifth Edition (2011) Authors: Benjamin S. Blanchard, Wolter J. Fabrycky Pearson Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, United States ISBN Details You have already analysed the conceptual design of a project in assignment 1. In this assessment, you are required to write a report which critically analyses the preliminary design and detailed design and production phases of the project discussed in assignment 1. Particular attention is to be paid to the system test, evaluation and validation processes employed, human factors and any optimisations that were required. To demonstrate your research skills and understanding, the report should: • Include relevant theories and models • Draw upon relevant sources like journals, books or reputable trade publications in analysing the project (at least 8 publications, including a minimum of 4 peer reviewed research articles) Format The report should follow the Business Report Format. The Preliminary Section should include the Title Page, the Executive Summary and a Table of Contents. The Body of the Report should have an introduction, conclusion and recommendations. It should also include your analysis and discussion. You don’t need to include the Assumptions section. The report should also have a Reference List (and Appendices if required). You are expected to use the Harvard Referencing style for the paper. Length The 1800 word length includes only the Body of the Report. It does not include the Preliminary Section (Title Page, Executive Summary and Table of Contents), the reference list or appendices. Assessment Criteria 1. Introduction (10 Marks) 2. Preliminary design (10 Marks) 3. Detailed design and development (10 Marks) 4. a) System test(include spiral test, V-model, Waterfall model) b) Evaluation (include cost factor as well) c) Validation d) Optimisation (10 Marks) 5. Conclusion (5 marks) 6. Research skills (10 marks) 7. Grammar and spelling (5 Marks) Weighting: 30% Assessment Due date: Wednesday 4thOctober, 5PM AEST Referencing Style • Harvard (author-date) ________________________________________ Submission Online ________________________________________ Learning Outcomes Assessed • Describe the processes of development and management of systems over the systems life cycle • Critically evaluate the importance of feedback control loop and human factors in the preliminary and detailed system design • Critically evaluate and report the common management processes used in the development, implementation and disposal of real or simulated systems • Apply appropriate processes in the optimisation of systems using reliability testing, sustainability and evaluation ________________________________________ Graduate Attributes • Knowledge • Communication • Cognitive, technical and creative skills • Research • Self-management • Ethical and Professional Responsibility

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