AVA10002 Assignment Each student will prepare and submit an assignment based on a topic chosen from the list below. The assignment should be 3000 words. Due date: Friday October 27, 2017. Assignments should be emailed to me in pdf format: [email protected] OR hand delivered to me at any of my lectures. TOPIC CHOICES Choose 1 of the following as your assignment topic: 1. Hypoxia represents an ever-present hazard to all forms of aviation. Discuss this issue in terms of the effects on a pilot, why it is a threat even today and what can be done to protect against it. Use accident examples where relevant. 2. Your chief pilot has asked you to prepare an article on spatial disorientation, explaining what it is, why it’s important to know about and what can be done protect against it. Use accident examples where relevant. Assignments are to be referenced as per Swinburne University standard policy. Note: Wikipedia is not an approved reference A Swinburne assignment cover sheet is also required.

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