Objective Analytical Essay Dr. Nikola.

Objective Analytical Essay Dr. Nikola Tesala was very much impressed with the Database management system that is developed by the Einstein Technologies which is a computing firm. They want to extend their business further more with the Einstein technologies and want to set up a sales analysis for their two core suppliers that are Luxembourg (LU) or Tuvalu (TV). They would like to set up a decision support system to analyze their sales trends and predict their future. Decision support system (DSS) is a computing application program which is used to predict or analyze future sales and presents it in order to make future decisions by the business. I think Decision support system is appropriate tool for this DSS project because it predicts the sales, order and their profits which is useful for the Einstein Technologies to further expand their business and market their products if the business estimations, profits are low than the expected ones. In between the two markup types Store and Supplier, markup Type “Store” is appropriate for the business because it impacts more sales, more profits, more orders and also discounts to the customers at the end customer satisfaction is important for each and every business in order to make customer happy and continue using the product. Exchange rate type is “TV” the business profits, sales are more. Recommended Freight Types: Johannes Kepler Freight, Nicolaus Copernicus Transport. Looking at the excel data we can say that “Nicolaus Copernicus Transport.” freight type has highest sales, profits and orders. Different freight types can have impact on the business’s profits by analyzing the data. The profits cost transferred to the business instead of customer can gain more customer satisfaction and preference by the customers to use these companies products. Huge profits are there for the country Tuvalu (TV) and it provides good discounts for the customers for the orders and the orders for this country are good compared to other country. Even a slight change of orders, profits can improve companies business to greater extent. So, I think Tuvalu (TV) country is the best one to import and improve their business operations accordingly. Looking into the excel sheet the business perspectives can make a necessary operations to change their business in order to gain more profits, sales, customers etc. The company must provide huge discounts to fain more customers.

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