Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition Analysis
1. Three page paper, 1 inch margins, 12 pt font
2. Journal your food intake for one 24 hour period
3. Use a nutrition analysis software to record your food intake and to obtain
the nutrition analysis
4. Nutrition analysis should include total:
● Calories
● Fat
● Saturated fat
● Carbohydrates
● Fiber
● Sugar
● Protein
● Vitamins & Minerals:
○ Sodium
○ Vitamin D
○ Calcium
○ Iron
○ Potassium
5. Reflect on your food intake
● Why did you choose the foods you did?
● How did your lifestyle/culture influence the foods you chose?
○ Convenience food
○ Studying late
○ The day you chose to log your food intake
● After completing the nutrition analysis what nutrients was your diet
high in for that day? What was low?
○ Compare vitamins and minerals to the
○ Compare macronutrients to the AMDR
● What could you change in your diet to improve it?
○ Did you drink enough water?
○ Eat enough fiber?
○ Multivitamin