NSW Mandatory Reporter Guide

Referencing Styles : Harvard Task 1 Read two scenarios and complete questions associated with the scenarios. This will also involve completing a report for the second scenario only. NSW please note your report must also include a Mandatory Reporter Guide to be uploaded with the assessment Task 2 Complete questions related to both scenarios. Please read through the tasks carefully and consult the Learner Evidence Guide for marking criteria. Task 1: Two Scenarios Read the scenario ‘James’ and answer the questions relating to this as if you were a mandatory reporter. Read the scenario ‘Lucy’, answer the questions and then complete a report as if you were a mandatory reporter NSW students will also need to complete the Mandatory Reporter Guide and upload as an attachment with this assessment for marking The following link have been provided to assist you with this task NSW Mandatory Reporter Guide http://www.community.nsw.gov.au/kts/guidelines/documents/mandatory_reporter_guide.pdf Scenario 1 James is 4 years old and attends the local education and care service Monday to Friday. James has a younger brother Tom who is 2 years old and stays at home and an older brother Max 10 years who attends the local school. James has always been a pleasant boy with many friends but recently his behaviour has changed. He is aggressive with all the children including his friends. You have asked his family if they know of any reason why James is behaving this way. They explain that an older cousin Tony has come to stay with them but he loves James and cannot see how this would have a negative effect on his behaviour. Mum who is from Iran and speaks limited English said “money very tight since James’s dad had accident and not work much, so Tony staying to help so she can do night work and try and bring in some more money.” Today James is at the lunch table when another child accidently spills water over James. James yells at the child and attempts to punch him. You stop James and ask him to get his bag so you can assist him to change into dry clothes whilst another educator ensures the other child is ok. James gets his bag but states very clearly he does not want your help. You respect this but standby near the bathroom to ensure he is safe. As you check to see if James is ok you notice as he pulls his shorts down some large bruising on his thigh. a) Following policy and procedures what is your immediate response? b) List the indicators of harm. c) List the risk factors. d) Will you make a report? Why or why not? e) Will the parent be notified? Explain why or why not. f) Using a child focused approach explain how you will communicate with the child? Scenario 2 Lucy is six months old and attends an education and care service Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Lucy’s mother is Aboriginal and a night packer at the local shops so dad drops Lucy off and mum picks her up. They live in a community where police often visit due to frequency of violence. It is Monday and Lucy’s father drops her off. Lucy has just started to sit up whilst aided with soft pillows around her. You attempt to sit Lucy down but she screams and puts her hands up for you. Lucy’s father tells you she has been like this all morning and he has had enough and needs to get to work and he leaves. You decide to check Lucy’s nappy when you notice the nappy is soaked through; she has a nappy rash that has resulted in her bottom bleeding and a large red hand print at the top of her leg. Lucy is screaming as you attempt to place a clean nappy on her. You gently place nappy cream on her bottom as permission has been granted on the enrolment form and pick Lucy up to console her. a) Following policy and procedure what is your immediate response? b) List the indicators of harm. c) List the risk factors. d) Will the parent be notified? Explain why or why not. e) Clearly explain the procedures for reporting in your state or territory, include the organisation you contact, contact numbers and information you need. f) Will you make a report? Why or why not? g) NSW students must also complete the Mandatory Reporter Guide using the information you have for the Lucy scenario h) All students to prepare a written report in relation to Lucy. Ensure you write professionally and with no personal opinions or judgement. You may make up information such as address.

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