Please see attached document and important instructions below:
*The assignment is to be presented as a Word document, however dependency diagrams can be done in any other software (PowerPoint is ok) but need to do a screen shot and place in the Word document – this is needed for each NF level.
*It needs to show 1NF, then 2NF and take it to 3NF.
*It needs to indicate the type of dependencies, and show the normalisation
process as you resolve at each NF.
*You need to produce a final ERD after normalising. This may be done in Workbench, or in any other software.

Using the given table/relation, do the following:
1. Draw a dependency diagram to show the functional dependencies in the relation
2. Decompose the following table into a set of 3NF relations
3. Draw a relational schema for your 3NF relations and show the referential integrity constraints
4. Manually drawing the dependency diagrams is not acceptable.
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