Non-Cynical Climate

Guide to
Non-Cynical Climate Encouraging employees to care about their work.
Identifying Passions Finding out what employees care about.

Build a Vision Sharing a vision for the company. Outcome-Oriented Enabling employees to take responsibility for tangible outcomes.
Purpose Connecting the work one does to the company’s vision.
Giving employees the ability to make decisions and act on them.
Trust Showing confidence in one’s abili to self-manage.

Security No fear of punishment fo honest mistakes.
Clearly Defined Purpose Understanding wha one is trying to accomplish.

Information Providing access to relevant facts and sources.
laboration ouraging co-workers help each other succeed.
Milestones Providing reference points to mark accomplishments.
Celebrations Recognizing and sharing personal and team milestones.
rosewho have benefited to Customers tabling employees to see tom their work.
easuring Improvement Clearly defining benchmarks against which to judge performance.

Knowledge Sharing insights from experience and education.

Positive Fe Providing informa when processes efforts are workin
Skill Recognition Giving due credit for one’s part in successes.
Challenge Delegating tasks tha fit (and challenge) one’s abilities.
Non-Comparative Standards Demanding standards that don’t force rankings or make one employee’s success determinant on the failure of a co-worker.