No validation of the type user input (e.g., is it a string?) is checked or required

We have the following code already, we need to complete the objectives laid out. I am about half way through. The program enables students to register for courses in a term of study. Students select from a menu of courses for which they wish to register. The assumptions used by the program are: ï‚· Student enters only integers to select courses for registration. No validation of the type user input (e.g., is it a string?) is checked or required. ï‚· Each course carries three credit hours. ï‚· The program terminates only when the student requires it. The program must follow these registration business rules: ï‚· No registration of other courses not displayed by the program. ï‚· No registration more than once for the same course. ï‚· No registration for more than nine credit hours (e.g., no more than three courses). The program validates the user integer menu selection, and if valid, registers the student for the selected course. Otherwise, the program outputs an error message. The program then outputs the current list of registered classes and asks the user if he or she wants to register for another course. A. Modify Variables: Modify appropriate variable declarations and data type references. B. Modify Math Operations: Modify appropriate C# code containing math operations so there are no syntax or computation errors. C. Modify Control Structures: Modify appropriate control structures to include branching and loops. D. Modify Boolean Code: Modify appropriate C# code to ensure Boolean logic is accurately coded. E. Modify Classes and Methods: Modify appropriate classes and methods to ensure they are free of syntax and logic errors. So that is will look and perform like this (See Video link) Completed source code using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace ConsoleRegisterStudent { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { (new Program()).run(); } void run() { int choice; int firstChoice = 0, secondChoice = 0, thirdChoice = 0; int totalCredit = 0; string yesOrNo = “”; System.Console.WriteLine(“Teacher’s Copy”); do { WritePrompt(); choice = Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine()); switch (ValidateChoice(choice, firstChoice, secondChoice, thirdChoice, totalCredit)) { case -1: Console.WriteLine(“Your entered selection {0} is not a recognized course.”, choice); break; case -2: Console.WriteLine(“You have already registerd for this {0} course.”, ChoiceToCourse(choice)); break; case -3: Console.WriteLine(“You can not register for more than 9 credit hours.”); break; case 0: Console.WriteLine(“Registration Confirmed for course {0}.”, ChoiceToCourse(choice)); totalCredit += 3; if (firstChoice == 0) firstChoice = choice; else if (secondChoice == 0) secondChoice = choice; else if (thirdChoice == 0) thirdChoice = choice; break; } WriteCurrentRegistration(firstChoice, secondChoice, thirdChoice); Console.Write(“nDo you want to try again? (Y|N)? : “); yesOrNo = (Console.ReadLine()).ToUpper(); } while (yesOrNo == “Y”); Console.WriteLine(“Thank you for registering with us”); } void WritePrompt() { Console.WriteLine(“Please select a course for which you want to register by typing the number inside []”); Console.WriteLine(“[1]IT 145n[2]IT 200n[3]IT 201n[4]IT 270n[5]IT 315n[6]IT 328n[7]IT 330”); Console.Write(“Enter your choice : “); } int ValidateChoice(int choice, int firstChoice, int secondChoice, int thirdChoice, int totalCredit) { if (choice < 1 || choice > 70) return -1; else if (choice == firstChoice && choice == secondChoice && choice == thirdChoice) return -2; else if (totalCredit > 9) return -3; return -4; } void WriteCurrentRegistration(int firstChoice, int secondChoice, int thirdChoice) { if (secondChoice == 0) Console.WriteLine(“You are currently registered for {0}”, ChoiceToCourse(firstChoice)); else if (thirdChoice == 0) Console.WriteLine(“You are currently registered for {0}, {1}”, ChoiceToCourse(firstChoice), ChoiceToCourse(secondChoice)); else Console.WriteLine(“You are currently registered for {0}, {1}, {2}”, ChoiceToCourse(firstChoice), ChoiceToCourse(secondChoice), ChoiceToCourse(thirdChoice)); } string ChoiceToCourse(int choice) { string course = “”; switch (choice) { case 1: course = “IT 145”; break; case 2: course = “IT 200”; break; case 3: course = “IT 201”; break; case 4: course = “IT 270”; break; case 5: course = “IT 315”; break; case 6: course = “IT 328”; break; case 7: course = “IT 330”; break; default: break; } return course; } } }

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