Newcastle Port” (find it i attached file), and complementary

ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES INDIVIDUAL CASE STUDY Words: 1500 Referencing style: APA 6th The assessment is based upon your critical analysis of the case “China Merchants Group’s Acquisition of the Newcastle Port” (find it i attached file), and complementary materials you could find from other sources if necessary. Your critical analysis is to address the following questions. Case Discussion Questions 1, Who are the main stakeholders in China Merchants Group’s acquisition of the Newcastle Port and what are their key interests and concerns in this acquisition? 2, What are the challenges facing large state-owned enterprises (SoEs) in their efforts to acquire strategic assets in foreign countries in comparison with those by private firms, and what can SoEs do to deal with those challenges? 3, What are your recommendations for China Merchants Group to effectively manage and operate the Newcastle Port after its acquisition? This individual assignment is intended to give students an opportunity to apply some key concepts from this course in the context of a “real” business situation. Students are required to use their advanced knowledge of different views of international business strategy to analyse the case, and explain how the changing industry conditions, the resources and capabilities of the MNE, and the formal and informal institutional environment impact on the strategic behaviours and performance of the MNE. The marking criteria for this assessment include an assessment of your knowledge of key theoretical concepts, your ability to critically analyse the case, as well as communication and general writing skills

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