Neither too specific nor too broad. No more than 15 words.

A sample template for ITC571 201630 -Practical &Theoretical Project Title of Report ( on the cover page) A concise topic, indicating what the report is about. The title should reflect the research completed Neither too specific nor too broad. No more than 15 words. Table of Contents (on a separate page) List of major headings with page numbers (Up to 3 headings. Do not create this manually. (Please Click References/ Table of Contents/ Insert Table of Contents) If you have many tables and figures, then the list of Tables and Figures should be located after Table of Contents on a separate page Abstract (~250) (on a separate page) • A concise summary of the main findings (4 parts) o Aims (Why) o Methods (How) o Findings (What) o Implications/recommendations (so What; the value of the proposed work) • Mainly use present tenses but past tense in the method. • It can be written later although presented first with no references. • Descriptions of the methodology should include the design • You can write a brief background of the issue at the beginning with only one or two sentences. 1.Introduction (~600) It contains a summary of the most relevant literature review (LR) which should be no more than 5 years old. The introduction contains one section but with the following several stages. 1.1 Background It provides broad research contexts/ issues/key concepts and specific contexts/issues o Identify broad issues/contexts/concepts such as performance, security, software development, etc and why is it an interest or of importance (use present perfect or present continuous tenses) o Identify specific issues/ concepts from the topic and contexts such as education, health, specific places. You need to clearly define the key terms using references 1.2. Problems /issues o Identify briefly problems with the specific issues/tools form LR (references) using however/despite benefits or advantages o Identify how the problems have been addressed from previous research (references) o Briefly evaluate the exiting solutions focusing on weaknesses / shortcomings/ incompleteness/ limitations 1.3. Significance of the Study o highlight the gaps from the limitations from the exiting solutions o Describe contributions that the study makes to the knowledge base or discipline o State the importance of the study to a specific area and/or population (e.g. education, technology, on-going researchers, society, government, school system, teachers, parents, etc.) o Include scope and limitations of the research if necessary. 1.4. Purpose and aims Clearly state the focus and intentions of the proposed research. It should begin with the following statement: “The purpose of this study is . . .” followed by specific aims that match with the headings of the reminder of the body. • You can also use a bullet points o To identify o To explore/investigate/examine/evaluate/propose • Present a clear statement of each of your assumptions relative to the sampling frame, the research design and other pertinent aspects of the study • State expected outcomes here if necessary 2.Literature Review (topic specific) (~1000-1200) Present an overview of the subject, issue or theory under consideration and directly linked to the research questions/objectives. Your title should be topic specific. It should be organised from general to specific issues. You can use sub headings and bullet points here Literature Review includes the following: • Briefly outline the organization of the chapter as an introductory paragraph. Please use topic sentences such as previous research/studies, a vast majority of literature, several scholars/ related work/ research/studies/ • Organize the LR according to the description of the conceptual or theoretical framework associated with topics not the scholars or papers. It should cover broad context, issues, solutions to the issues and evaluations of the solutions • Should use a critical writing not descriptive in a coherent manner by matching headings with the content. • Summarise briefly reviews the key points of the existing literature and identifies the gap in the literature that the present study seeks to fill. 3. A proposed model (topic specific) (~1500) You propose an improved/ enhanced/ further developed frameworks /models based on the results of RL to address the negative points of the existing models. • Justifications for the newly/updated model (from the conclusion part of the literature review + Results of the survey), identifying which areas have been enhanced • Explanations of the model, selecting key models used. • Highlighting some strengths of the model compared to previous models • Identifying some weaknesses of the model. 4. Implementation of the model (depending on your report) (~800) • Describe the context where your model is implemented • Demonstrate how to implement it 5. Evaluation of implementation (~ 700) • Positive outcomes of the implementations • Issues/ challenges with implementations 6. Conclusion with Recommendations (~350 ) Two paras • Reiterate the purpose of the research • Summarise results/findings • Acknowledge limitations of the research focusing on methodology, the model and implementation • Suggest areas of research and the future direction • What needs to be done as a result of your findings focusing on the weaknesses identified References (on a separate page) All references used in your report or referred to for background information Please access Interact site/ ASDP material/ W1 and W4 for the APA 6th version and other relevant materials for report writing) Appendices (on a separate page) Any additional material which will add to your report

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