Mr. X is the CEO of a small IT based.

Mr. X is the CEO of a small IT based gaming company and a 55% share holder in the company. The other 45%of the shares have been allotted to an investor who have no idea in the business, as he knows Mr. X personally he started investing in the business. When Mr. X first met the investor he asked him for 1 million dollars and promised him to be returning it in 10 months. Mr. X has promised him high profits and made him invest 4 times the amount as he had asked him in the start-up stage in regular intervals by saying that he is making implementations for much more profits. The investor was lured by the profits he was promised and he invested whatever he had in the pocket. This continued for more than 2 years. After 2 years the investor stopped his investments and started asking him for the profits as he was almost bankrupted and he was in the slightest position of losing his reputation in the society. When asked Mr. X for the profits he told the investor that he has to be investing some more in to the company to get the site launched. Then the investor from a closed sources came to know that Mr. X has spent a lot of money that the investor gave him for the unnecessary luxuries and hired some of his incapable friends who are no use for the business. He also came to knew that Mr. X is the using investor’s money for his personal expenses. And when Mr. X came to know someone in the employee team was passing the information to the investor, he found him and immediately fired him from the job.

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