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Table of Contents


  1. Executive Summary ____
  2. Project Introduction ____
  3. Evaluation Purposes ____
  4. Evaluation Objectives ____
  5. Methodology ____
  6. Evaluation Findings ____
  7. Conclusions




  1. Executive Summary






  1. Project Introduction

2.1. Project Background

(Provide a brief summary of the background of the project)





2.2. Project Objectives





2.3. Project Scopes





2.4. Constraints and Limitations





2.5. Project Stakeholders







  1. Evaluation Purposes

(Discuss the purposes of the evaluation)












  1. Evaluation Objectives

4.1. Relevance

(Is the overall project design relevant to the specific needs of the target population?)









4.2. Effectiveness

(To what extent does the intended outputs and outcomes level indicators achieved in relation to targets set up in the project document;

How effective and appropriate is the project approach?

How well was beneficiaries’ and stakeholders’ (including government) participation incorporated in the project cycle?

What was the quality of the M&E system?)





4.3. Efficiency

(How far funding, staff, time and other resources contributing to or hindering the achievement of the results. Is ‘Value for money’ achieving?)








4.4. Impact

(- Will the project activities be helpful in impacting the lives of the people? If the project is a short-term, care should be taken about committing for long term impacts. What difference is expected in the lives of those targeted in the project as compare the project baseline initial bench marks?

– Who were the direct and indirect/wider beneficiaries of the project?)








4.5. Sustainability

(- What were the prospects for the benefits of the project being sustained after the funding will be over?

– How was the exit strategy defined, and how this will be managed at the end of the funding period?)










  1. Methodology

(Discuss the methods that you used to evaluate the different areas/aspects in the project)










  1. Evaluation Findings

(based on the answers in questions 4 and 5, discuss the findings of the evaluation in the project and areas of improvement)











  1. Conclusions

(provide conclusions and recommendations)