models of inclusive curriculum design

2.3 Analyse how theories, principles and models of inclusive curriculum design can be used to inform resource development in own specialist area • To developed many resources with the help of theories on models of inclusive curriculum design. • To achieve aims and objectives of teaching career by applying Piaget cognitive theory. Why? it is one of the most influential theories that believe people can construct their knowledge through their heart (Ali, 2020). • Benjamin Bloom theory is also undertaken which is the classification of learning that is also known as taxonomy. Why? In order to develop resources in the form of questioning technique which become are important resource in order to identify reasoning ability and knowledge of my learners. • Scaffolding (Bruner) and Vygotsky theory of learning (ZPD) Why? • Virtual learning environment. Why? It is very necessary in todayc scenario especially after COVID-19. Instructional design and Blended learning