MOD003507: Principles and Practices of Marketing- PPM


Choose one of the following companies:

Food Delivery Services Footwear Retailers
Uber Eats Russell and Bromley
Deliveroo Office
Just Eat Clarks

If you choose any other company you will be graded 0.

  1. Use a portfolio approach (visuals and written commentary) to demonstrate how four of the seven marketing mix elements the company has used in the UK since 2019 reflect how it divides the market (Segmentation), who it is seeking to serve (Targeting), and how it wants to be perceived by the target market segment (Positioning).
  2. Within your findings, you should include an analysis on how the company has applied business and marketing strategies, theories and models that you have been taught in this module.
  3. To conclude your portfolio, identify and/or suggest metrics the company has available to measure the success of its marketing activities.
  4. The content of your portfolio must display academic skill and integrity, appropriate to level five studies.