MKT353: Retail Management


  • Location King Power Bakery plans to set up 10 stores in Singapore. 3 Of these stores are premium stores selling quality products while the remainder is general stores catering to the masses. As the newly appointed Project Manager. you are tasked to develop a location strategy Which should State clearly the reasons for a particular location for a particular store.
  • For King Power Bakery to be successful in a new territory, it needs good branding. You are tasked to develop a retail branding plan which will encourage consumers to choose King Power Bakery Your plan must include details on how to make consumers associate King Power Bakery With healthy, economical, and creative.
  • Customer Service Excellent service Will be a key to the success Of King power Bakery in Singapore. Produce a training plan which will train the frontline staff with the critical customer service skills required to stand out from competitors and keep customers loyal to your organization. Your plan should include specific training topics that need to be covered.