After reading chapter 25 in The American Yawp, choose one of the following prompts and write a mini-essay in response (at least 10 sentences!) to it. Make sure your writing is clear, and that you provide a lot of strong support and evidence for any claim you make!
Then, for your comments, go to two other students’ responses and pretend to be the teacher. Do all of the following for each of the comments:
Tell the student what they did well;Ask a follow-up question:Such as: “You did not really offer any evidence for this point. Could you please elaborate?”Point out out an issue, factor, or event, that they could have taken into consideration for a stronger answer, but did not (if you agree); or (in case you disagree) urge them to consider an alternative interpretation!Qu. 1: The USA and the Soviet Union were allies in World War Two, but they became adversaries right after the war ended. Why was that? Explain the origins of the Cold War! Would you say that one side was more to blame for it than the other? Would you say one side paid a bigger price for it than the other? Why?
Qu. 2: How did the Cold War shape American politics and society at home? What was its influence on American life? In the longer and in the short run, do you think the domestic Cold War damaged the country in some way? Why do you think so? What institutions, values, or groups, suffered the negative consequences most?
Qu. 3: How did the Cold War shape the post World War Two world? How did it affect the global balance of power, international relations, and the global status, standing, and reputation of the United States? Was it worth it? What were the costs and benefits of becoming superpower?