Micro teaching

Micro teaching: Some thoughts
Group profile
30 mature mixed ability learners aged 21+, all HE educated to at least level 4, some to level
7. Majority of learners are EAL, comprehension of written and spoken English is largely of a
good standard but some learners may require additional clarification and explanation of tasks.
Issues with punctuality and attendance amongst some learners.
How will you accommodate learners that work at faster/slightly slower paces? How will you
include all leaners? How will you identify learners that need any additional support? Are you
aware of any specific support/learning needs amongst your peers?
English and maths, are there opportunities to promote this within your lesson…i.e. writing
and speaking tasks, wise of numeracy skills or time management tasks perhaps? Personal and
social development – how will you promote this?
British Values
Rule of Law, Tolerance, Freedom of Speech and Rule of Law…can any of these be explored
in your lesson?
How do you incorporate ICT in teaching? Includes learners using their phones for an activity.
Does your lesson refer to any vocational skills?
Provide a rationale – selection and structure of content
§ Explain session topic, giving reasons for the selection
§ Explain and discuss the aims, what do you want learners to learn? What knowledge
you want to share and what experience/s will you create for them to learn that
§ Explain and analyse your strategies and teaching methods; how are you going to teach
your session? Learner and teacher lead activities….how?
§ Describe and analyse – with justification – your choice of theory that you will apply to
the delivery of your session. Include different learning styles and learning model to
provide a rationale.
§ Discuss and explain the use of resources and teaching aids to deliver your session,
how will they be used and what do you think will be result of using them?
§ Harvard referencing style should be used