meaning of corporate governance

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edu . TOPIC Discuss the meaning of corporate governance and the role of law in the corporate governance debate
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[email protected] edu au TOPIC 10: Discuss the manner in which the standard of care is measured and applied to directors and officers
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TOPIC I During a mi els’ strike, the coal mine owner requested police protection for the ‘safety men’ who maintained the mine and without whose services the mine would be flooded out. The authorities considered thatmobil: controls ciaillingatr:tiiiizt:Lmeee setfthpeezn:f,evuottdil;ilebeeth the .°201mc’edu•au enZtit;:th7tri:rsaerviCeSTolu’lZeatZedafo:IZspgecified rates. After the strike ended, the owners refused to pay. Required: Discussthe legal circumstances of the owner and the police.
[email protected] TOPIC 5: Draft a corporate constitution for Happy Coffee Shop
TOPIC I: P leased commercial office space from the lessor on the basis that D was going to occupy (sublease) the nosh-west comer of the premises. When the parties realised that the lease prohibited [email protected]…..0 sub-lease1,epet° D, and that uslicilbi-Tetalsro=1::11;=blet7ntde :itghtead “”” the Required: Discuss the legal circumstanees of the agreement between P and D.
TOPIC 2: D agreed to lease a scenic kiosk from the P City Council for two years. After six months, a coal dump was established near the look-out which in windy conditions reduced visibility and Iett grime on the kiosk and the area. This led to a reduction of business. D left the kiosk and refused [email protected] to make any funkier rent payments. Re A-Discuss the basis of D’s defence if sued by the P City Council? B- Would the outcome be any different if, instead of a coal dump, a sewage disposal works had been established in the area?
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TOPIC 3: The University point a new Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive. It offers the job o University. A contract is signed on I June 201 A, providing to Professor Chris Berlin t S200,000 per year plus performance incentives. Professor Berlin is far a I”‘ aldire’• ”• ear’ a 1 December 201 A. On 1 July 201 A, Professor Berlin is seriously )[email protected] injured tturakbee’dei:taP:htiliPlaeir,a’ebillidn,thlii,..e•pedenntithanedthounle2a5vaAiplariblie2omiedBical advice, it is clear that she will Discuss.erite legal enforcement of the contract between the University terminate and Professor
[email protected] [email protected] 10222® 2401, TOPIC 4: Explain the concept of fiduciary duties. To whom are such duties owed in corporate 2741,, 2802( [email protected] ;331,
3371,, TOPIC 6: Explain the procedures involved in choosing an appropriate business strocture to he used [email protected] [email protected] 13042,, [email protected] [email protected] TOPIC 7: Discuss the significance and operation [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] edu . TOPIC 8: Discuss the scope of the fiduciary duties of loyalty and good faith at general law and under the
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