maximal spanning tree

Referencing Styles : APA The Northeastern Airlines case study on page 358 of the textbook is the case study for this course. Your assignment is to utilize Microsoft Excel, analyze the problem, solve the problem (Hints: See section 9.7 of the textbook and Google “maximal spanning tree”), and submit a written report on your recommendation(s). For your report you’ll need to answer the two questions at the end of the case study as well as specifically consider the reliability of your Excel model (i.e., include a section in your case study report entitled: “Reliability of Excel Model”). Your report will be a professional written report between 6 and 8 pages long and will include a professional grade, one page, executive summary memo. Reports are to be submitted as a single file via BlackBoard’s “Attach File” utility before the due date of 7:45 PM Central Time on Thursday, July 30. No late, emailed, or hard copies will be accepted. The file format shall be Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat only. Grading will be competitive (i.e., the best report will receive the best grade, the second best report will receive the second best grade, etc.) and will utilize the COB Writing Rubric (in the syllabus). The ability to analyze, assess, and solve problems and then communicate possible solutions effectively in a professional setting is a necessary (and marketable) skill.

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