1. Three similar steel bars of lengths 200cm, 300cm, and 360cm are cut into equal pieces.  Find the largest possible area of a square that can be made from any of the three pieces.
  2. Expand ( 2 + x)5 in ascending powers of x up to the term in x3.  Hence approximate the value of (2.03)5 to four significant figures.
  3. Water flows from a pipe at a speed of 200 liters per minute.  If the pipe is used to drain a tank full of water measuring 3.2m by 2.5m by 2m, how many minutes would it take to drain the tank completely?
  4. Given that A (5, 1 ) and B ( 2, 5 ) find:
    i) AB as a column vector.
    ii) AB
  5. a) Construct a parallelogram PQRS such that PQ = 8cm, PS =4.5cm and angle QPS = 60
    b) Locate the locus of a point X such that X is equidistant from P and R
  6. Calculate the shortest distance in nautical miles between M (450N, 380E ) and N (450N, 1420W).
  7. The sides of a triangle are in the ratio 3: 5: 6 and the perimeter is 56cm. Find the area of the triangle.
  8. The longer parallel sides of a trapezium are twice as long as the shorter parallel side. The height between the parallel sides is 10cm. If the area of the trapezium is 225cm², find the length of the longer parallel side.
  9. In the figure below, ABC is a tangent at B and CDE is a straight line Ð BED = 500, Ð DEF = 350, and ÐECB = 250.
  10. Solve for x

( Log x)2  –  ½ log  x = 3/2