marketing report or plan

Referencing Styles : APA 2: Team Assignment (Report) Instructions:
Working in teams of 4 members, you will choose or be allocated a product on which to conduct marketing research and analysis for the entirety of the module, culminating in this Major Report (worth 20% of your overall mark for the module) and a Major Presentation (worth 20%). You are required to prepare a written report based on credible research (e.g. using Proquest and Newslink on the Elearn LMS) describing the current marketing activities of the product, and making recommendations on the marketing strategy and mix to the parent company. Your report will include a detailed explanation of the following sections: Marketing Report Sections: 1. Executive Summary (worth 5%) The Executive Summary is only 1 page long or less. It contains a clear and sequential summary of the main sections of the report. Brief examples of or references to credible research should be in evidence and used to good effect. The best possible market statistic/s can be used to illustrate a main point. Within a marketing report or plan, the executive summary serves as the outline of the entire plan and should entice the reader to read on. 2. Introduction: Company, Brand and Product (10%) The introduction should describe the company and brand very clearly, using summarising or paraphrasing to show understanding and should be accurate and up-to-date as of 2014 and honest. The key attributes of the product/product category/ levels of product and stage in the Product Life Cycle need to be introduced here.

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