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CAUTION This is not a sample assignment. This document provides an example of some methodologies and tools used in digital marketing. This example may help with particular components in a digital marketing report. Do not copy content from this document.Page 58 of 111 consistent, accurate and complete work. The softwares used in making this video advertise are Audacity, Movie Maker and Wondershare Filmora. Facebook Brand page editor: The job of a Facebook Brand page editor is to post video on the page, schedule post, choosing thumbnail for videos etc. Implementation: After I was done with processing the video, I contacted our client for giving me the access to the BFP (Brand Facebook Page). He gave me access to the BFP within an hour. Then we discussed about various things related to the post I was about to make. The thing I discussed and decided with the client before posting it are briefly discussed below with appropriate reasons. Video thumbnail: Who is the lion’s share of our customer base? First I need to find out that. According to the insight of the page the majority of the likers are male population. Figure 24: Male vs. Female Likers Analysis of Facebook Page Posts made by studentsPage 59 of 111 Since 81% of the likers are male, I decided to make the video thumbnail with the female actress of our advertise. It will appeal to the general male population. Figure 25: video thumbnail This is the video thumbnail. If people have turned of auto-play option then this this image might influence them to click to playPage 60 of 111 Publish time: what would be the ideal time to publish the video on Facebook to get maximum reach? Again with the help of the BFP insight I learned that the page get most visitors around 9:00PM. Figure 26: Peak traffic on BFP Although the peak time is at 9:00PM, it starts rising around 6:00PM. So I decided to post it at 7:44PM. At that time enough potential viewers are online, so it will be on their news feed. By the time they share it with more people, around 9:00PM the video will get more reach and more views. Why 7:44PM and not 7:45PM as the publish time? Because my client and I thought every hour is divided into four segments. So if we post it just one minute before the next segment, Facebook might give it extra priority. It was just a hunch, but I went it anyway.Page 61 of 111 Call to action button: For the call to action button I put “Shop now” and put UpoharBD website link, with the hope that some of the traffic can be diverted to the website. Figure 27: Call to actionPage 62 of 111 Video category: Since a lot of people don’t like online businesses taking up their newsfeed. Maybe they have hidden enough post so that Facebook shows them less business related post. So I changed the video category from business to entertainment. So that it appears on their news feed . Figure 28: Video category (Business) Figure 29: Video category (entertainment) Post text: Then I decided what the post text should be. There were a lot of discussion. For example: ï‚· “Want to save your love and life? Visit UpoharBD. com” ï‚· “Want to save your love and life on an emergency? Visit UpoharBD. com” ï‚· “Desperate love needs desperate measure! can save your life!!” After discussing it a little more with the client I finally decided to go with, ï‚· “Desperate love needs desperate measure! can save your life!!” It’s simple, it’s short, it intrigues curiosity and it compliment the video overall. Video Title: I have decided on the post text. But now I had to deal with the video title. Because if someone is checking all the videos of the page manually. Then he or she will know exactly what the video is about.Page 63 of 111 After careful consideration the video title I selected “Urgent gift delivery in Dhaka is only a few clicks away” Figure 30: Video title Video location: The video title states that “Urgent gift delivery in Dhaka is only a few clicks away”. So initially I thought about only targeting the people of Dhaka somehow. But later it dawned on me that people living outside Dhaka can be interested to send gift to their loved one. So I planned to target everywhere. Figure 31: Video LocationPage 64 of 111 Results: In social media marketing there is no sure fire formula to achieve success. But there are some guidelines that everyone try to follow and hope for the best result to come. And sometime the result that comes is so successful that no one seems to believe it. Our 2nd campaign was a huge success. Our client decided to give this post a paid boost to get as much reach he can get out of it. All the success in their individual criteria’s are shown below. Page view: I made the post at 16th November, 2015. Below is a screenshot given of the page view tab. Figure 32: Timeline visitPage 65 of 111 Figure 33: Timeline visit These screenshots were taken 24th November. And from these snaps we can clearly see that huge spike in timeline visit. Reach: Our post made record breaking reach from the UpoharBD page. All credit goes to the timing, the post text and the video content. Here are some screenshots taken from the reach tab in insight. Figure 34: Organic reachPage 66 of 111 In Figure 34 organic reach of our post went to more than 4.5K within four hours. Figure 35: Paid reach Figure 35 Shows the additional reached we achieved after our client decided to give it a paid boost. In one day the paid reached went more than 16K.Page 67 of 111 Figure 36: Like on Facebook Figure 36 shows the likes we got on UpoharBD page on November 16, 2015. Figure 37: like, comment and share graph Figure 37 shows 33 comments were made on the page on November 16, 2015.Page 68 of 111 Figure 38: like, comment and share graph Figure 38 say the total amount of share the paged managed to get on November 16, 2015. Figure 39: Total organic reach Figure 39 show the total organic reach on November 16, 2015. Which is 4859. That means other post from UpoharBD also made some reach aside from our post.Page 69 of 111 Figure 40: Total paid reach Figure 40 shows the total paid reach achieved on that day, which is more than 16K. Top video: I posted the Video at 7:44PM, this below was the list of top videos.Page 70 of 111 Figure 41: top videos Figure 41 shows the top videos before posting our advertise, this screenshot was taken at around 6PM.Page 71 of 111 Figure 42: Top videos Figure 42 shows that our video has become the top video by 19th November. Just within 3 days it became the most successful video of the page. The video achieved twice as much reach than the second best video and our video has 8K views.Page 72 of 111 Figure 43: Top videos Figure 43 show even during the political situation in Bangladesh, where Facebook is blocked by the government it still managed to achieve almost 33K reach and almost 15K overall. It has performed beyond expectation. Best post: Not only it is the best video of UpoharBD, it is also the best post of UpoharBD. In only 3 days it has secured its position as the top post of UpoharBD page’s history.Page 73 of 111 Figure 44: Top Post Figure 44 show the incredible difference between the previous best post and our post. Our post has more than twice the previous videos reach. Though we didn’t beat the previous best video’s engagement. But our objective is to achieve Speak and Sizzle.Page 74 of 111 Figure 45: All post Figure 45 shows us again how the Facebook block could not hamper it progress and it still managed to gather even 7K more reach. And it caught up with the second best video’s engagement. This screenshot was taken at 24th November, 2015.Page 75 of 111 Video Statistics: Figure 46: Post detail Figure 46 shows that after 3 days of posting the advertise what is the statistic of our post. ï‚· People reached – 25K ï‚· Video views – 8K ï‚· Likes- 226 ï‚· Comments- 36 ï‚· Total shares- 44 ï‚· Post clicks- 1.5K ï‚· Click to play- 523 ï‚· Link clicks- 32 ï‚· Other clicks- 897 ï‚· Hide post- 1Page 76 of 111 Figure 47: post d
etails Figure 47 shows us the improvement it has achieved by 24th November, 2015 ï‚· People reached – 33K ï‚· Video views – 14K ï‚· Likes- 237 ï‚· Comments- 36 ï‚· Total shares- 45 ï‚· Post clicks- 1.7K ï‚· Click to play- 719 ï‚· Link clicks- 50 ï‚· Other clicks- 944 ï‚· Hide post- 1Page 77 of 111 Video view: Figure 48: Video views (Organic) Figure 49: Video views (Paid)Page 78 of 111 30 second view: Figure 50: 30 second view Figure 51: 30 second viewPage 79 of 111 Figure 52: Post detail At 24 November, 2015 this is the final statistics: Average view duration- 24 seconds People reached- 32K 30 seconds view- 28.3% or 9317 or 9KPage 92 of 111 Appendix APage 93 of 111 Reaching the Target Group Using Social Networking (Facebook). Social networking now a days has become the biggest platform where consumer and business interacts directly with each other. People use social networking to share their thoughts about different things. People also use social network to search in formation of product or service. The power of social networking can be great opportunity for a business or can be a great threat as well. It can give a business a very good impression over a night and also can pull down all the brand value. Such as there was a restaurant name Tabaq in Jamuna Future Park, the business got so much good reviews within a week that people had to take reservation before going there where as it was not that popular just a week before and all happened with the power of Social network. Social network can be dangerous for a business as well such as another restaurant named The Backyard Chef got a lot of bad reviews in FoodBank (a group for food reviews in Facebook). People were disappointed with their service and gave bad reviews and a lot of people agreed and shared their experience by commenting or posting, as a result the restaurant had lost a lot of customers. This kind of situation might come by misunderstanding or a slight mistake can turn into a huge matter in the social network. Businesses have to be very careful and interactive to face this kind of situations. Such as there was post few days ago about, where customer purchased a power bank from them, out of curiosity he opened it and he saw there was only one rechargeable pencil battery and there were other two fake batteries just to fill the case but they were not actually batteries and none of them were connected to the charger cable. This was going viral and then quickly responded to the situation they apologized for the inconvenience and sent him another good power bank instead of the fake one. then also said they are actually a reseller so it is hard for them to check every product that comes from home and abroad from then they would check them before putting them into display. People were happy with the response of and instead of losing reputation they gained more reliability among customers. So here by we can see the social network can be good for a business can also be harmful if not taken the correct action at the right time. There are several ways a business can reach to the target group using social networking they are explained bellow. 1. Groups: There are different groups for customer where they interact with each other and share their experience such as FoodBank (150,000+ members) and Desperately Seeking Dhaka (100,000+ members). These are the two largest groups in Bangladesh and people share theirPage 94 of 111 experience in these groups all day. So businesses must be screening these group time to time and check if they can promote their business by any chance with relevant post or if anyone spreading bad words against then and take necessary action instantly. There are also businesses that only depended on group, such as EBay and Amazon Doorstep Shopping where people post a link from eBay or amazon then the group admin gives the possible cost to buy that and bring that to Bangladesh, before purchasing the consumer have to give half then after delivery they will take the other half of the money. There is also another group name Chinese Brand Mobile Shop in Bangladesh this group does the same lake the previous one, only the owner of the business take order then go to China then buy the phone comes back and deliver the phones to the customer. They also give delivery post with prove that they are reliable and very interactive with customers. 2. Page: This is the most famous and largest way of using social media for marketing. In Facebook there are millions of pages for businesses. People nowadays use these pages to seek information or complain about their service. So if a page of a certain business is not interactive then it will create disappointment among customers. Through page business can share their product catalog with all the information their customer might need. There are a lot of ways of sing page for business they will come in the following points of using social networking. 3. Attractive Posts: The posts given on the business pages shall be attractive to grab the attention of the target group when they appear on the feed. People first see the outlook then look inside the real content. So, all the post about the products and services shall look attractive. 4. Frequent/Consistence Posting: Post given on the page shall be frequent or consistence because out of sight is out of sight is out of mind. So, if people do not see new posts from time to time then the business will lose the position in consumers mind eventually. Moreover competitors are always posting about their products and offers. So to keep up with them and stay in the competition a business must do frequent or consistence posting.\ 5. Quick Response: This is one of the most important parts of social media marketing. People only search for information or ask question when they need it. So it always an emergency even if they do not mention it. Such as someone wants to buy a new phone, so he put a comment on the page of Gadget and Gears post of his desired phone asking if that is still available and what is the current price. It is obvious that he will search in other sources so there are other seller whoPage 95 of 111 might offer better price than Gadget and Gear but Gadget and Gear responded to his comment instantly whereas the other business responded to it on the next day or few days later. The customers do not wait that long and it is very easy to say that he would buy it from the shop that responded on that day or the next. Quick responses are also necessary for the groups, such as if a customer posts some complain about a business in a group it will go viral and spread bad words. So it is very important that the business shall response quickly to the situation and provide adequate reason or information for the inconvenience. There are a lot of examples how quick response to a bad review turned into a good impression instead. Such as Rincon Motors is the only company that imports Suzuki Gixxer, a new motorcycle by Suzuki that has very high demand. They sold so many of that Gixxer that currently they are facing a lot of problem to provide the free servicing that they offered with the motorcycle. This created a lot of disappointment among consumers so they complain on the motorcycle groups also on the Rancon Motors page. Some new potential buyers also posted on their page about the bad words they heard about this motorcycle. Rancon Motors quickly responded to their posts on the page saying that currently they are facing a lot of pressure on their servicing center but the motorcycle that Suzuki made is a very good and stable product so if anyone wants to buy it they will face some problem taking servicing from them but the product is the best in the market. Seeing that response a lot of buyer simply bought the motorcycle and did their servicing from a third party as they do not cost a lot of money. So this is how an honest quick response cover up a bad situation 6. Involvement Incentive: A lot of businesses use this tool to get into the market quickly and mostly they work. However this works as a promotional marketing so a busin
ess that always runs promotional marketing loses the brand value among customer. This tool shall be used in certain season or very small period of time. Now this tool can be applied in many ways such as sharing a post with public privacy will get some discount. Also a business can do online contest like they will ask customer their product detail and the first person to give the correct answer will get a gift. There are businesses that do this from time to time such Sunday 9 P.M. they will do the contest post where they will ask some question about their product or anything else. The first person giving all the correct answer will get a special gift mentioned in the post. This increases the view and involvement of the consumer a lot.Page 96 of 111 7. E-Word of Mouth: Internet is a place where customer meets the businesses so they see advertisement all day. As a result there is a high rate of ad avoidance on the internet. People also do not believe in those advertisements and seek for user’s opinion. So aside from giving comment and reply from the page account, we will use our own personal Facebook account to create e-word of mouth, where we will answer someone who is seeking information. Not directly advertising of UpoharBD but just getting the name in their head by mentioning it nonchalantly in the conversation. 8. Provide adequate link and information: in the post we will be making on Facebook, we will make sure to mention the price, the detail and the link of that exact product. By this customer wont

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