Marketing Plan Assignment Help

BHO1171: Introduction to Marketing- Management- Marketing Plan Assignment Help


  1. Analyse how the key elements of the marketing mix contribute to an organisation’s marketing strategy;
    2. Determine the practical implications of core marketing theory including marketing empirical generalisations, the Double Jeopardy and Duplication of Purchase laws;
    3. Investigate marketing problems in business situations using marketing research and marketing metrics, and effectively report results to a broader audience;
    4. Formulate basic marketing strategies that can be implemented to address marketing problems

Your task in this assessment is to write a marketing plan for a new crowdfunded product in pairs. It should be approximately 3,000-3,500 words in length (excluding references) and should be completed in pairs (in seminars of 40 or less) or groups of no more than 3 (in seminars of more than 40).

The case study you will need to address is:
Marketing Plan for a new crowdfunded product

Prior to seminar 3, you will need to log into VU Collaborate, look up Assessment 3 and follow the links to the survey. In this survey you will find links to a small number of crowdfunded products. The product that receives the most votes from students will be the product all students will