Marketing and Implementation Strategy

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BUS 2003 Fundamermls of Innovation Yr Emrepreneuship
2. Marketing and Implementation Strategy Create your market positioning statement. This may be directed at a hypothetical employ, industry, organ,,ion, or the world at lame. Whet compelling value will you offer to your employers and society, How will you differentiate from other U. students, How about from the broader populace,
3. Risks and Mitigation What are the key milestones and checkpoints in your plan, Hoy, will youmeasure/detennine if you have successfully attained these milestones, Hoy, do you define success? Whet comma, favors might affect your attaining success? (Positively or adversely) Develop continua, and risk mitigation strategies. Entrepreneurship IS not all about personal financial goin. It concerns crafting a lifelong plan lo make a positive impact on society Character does =Per. Failure is OK; unethical behavior is not. True wee, requires the creation of enduring value, which requires integrity and ethics. Now do you plan to practice ethical principles in your daily actions? If you could assemble any three people to advise and mentor you, who would they be? They maybe alive or dead, family or world leaders, Mends or strangers. Why would you choose each? Is it their wisdom, their mcomplishments, their words, their emotivity. their character, their heroic deeds……„..,? Similar to popular “six-wolicl memoir exercise. please WWII.< your PBS in 6 words (e g., “humanist engineer, global eilimn, caring Macho”).
Grade Scale
Unacceptable 0-5g
Minimum requirements 60. 64
Above requirements 7S-PA
Outstanding 85-100
Errors so significant that the work is not passing quality
Significant errors, information mostly unclear or incorrect
Most Largely free of information is comer., demon””” critical thought well-with well-explained with few errors ovorw of elltopics.
Clear, well-explained, rror-free work demonstrating critical thinking. with clear evidence of independent work and authentic research.