Premiumisation remains to be a key market trend in the chocolate confectionary industry (ibid). The incorporation of additional flavourings, use of natural sweeteners or focus on cocoa content and origin can help achieve the premium perception (Hopping, 2018; Winthur, 2018).

These trends are also useful tools for working towards the PHE’s 20% sugar reduction target to be reached by 2020, in order to avoid measures such as promotion bans or an extension of the sugar tax currently restricted to carbonated drinks (Winthur, 2018).

Some of the sub-markets in the chocolate industry are as follows:

  • Chocolate confectionary
  • Chocolate assortments
  • Seasonal chocolate
  • Chocolate biscuits
  • (Store cupboard) Chocolate cakes and cake bars
  • Cocoa powder
  • Chocolate drinks
  • Chocolate chilled desserts
  • Chocolate ice-cream
  • Chocolate spread
  • Cereal bars

Some chocolate manufacturers also provide services in the form of factory tours/ attractions or have their stores/ e-commerce sites.