Many small businesses lack well developed recruitment and selection systems.

Referencing Styles : Harvard Many small businesses lack well developed recruitment and selection systems. The resulting poor staffing decisions can cost businesses time and money and lead to worker frustration. Your role is to work as a consultant to a small business. You will need to identify a small business, a business with which you are familiar or a business agreed with your assessor and conduct research into that business’ human resources needs (for both now and in the future). You will then develop and implement a plan to address the recruitment and selection needs of the business. Procedure 1. Identify and select a small business (big/well known organisation is not allowed) as the subject for your project, and explain the task to the business manager to obtain approval. 2. Survey key stakeholders (relevant positions in the small business) and identify the HR needs of the business for the next 12 months. 3. Develop a human resources (HR) plan to address the HR needs of the organisation and have the plan approved by the business manager and your assessor before proceeding further. Note: HR plan must include: identification of needs or gaps, identification of key stakeholders and specialists, current status of human resources, recruitment and selection processes, and recommendations for improvements. 4. Develop job descriptions (see attached template). 5. Develop an advertising policy and procedure, including checklist, which complies with organisational, legal and policy requirements. 6. Develop a selection policy and procedure, including checklists, that complies with organisational, legal and policy requirements for: a. external reference checking b. providing offers of employment (including advice about salary, terms and conditions, probation). 7. Review the procedures with key stakeholders and your assessor before proceeding. 8. Facilitate and evaluate some training on at least two of the procedures developed using a training evaluation form (see attached template).

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