manager at an IT services company

Case Study:
Imagine you are a manager at an IT services company. You have to recruit 2 personnel where the emphasis is on relevant qualification, relevant work experience, and a multicultural workplace. The applicants are as follows:
i) A Maori candidate with below average qualification, but very enthusiastic about the job.
ii) A European candidate with not very relevant experience, but familiar work culture.
iii) A Chinese candidate with global experience, but poor English language skills.
iv) An Indian candidate with relevant qualifications, but has never worked outside of the home country.
i) Who will you recruit? (2 marks)
Justify your selection by explaining the following points:
ii) Mention two kinds of discriminations laid out by HRC under ‘Guidance for workers’. Explain how your choice of recruitment will ethically avoid these forms of discriminations? [(2 x 2 = 4) + (2 x 2 = 4) = 8 marks]
iii) What is Treaty of Waitangi? How will your decision reflect multiculturalism in workplace? Provide at least one citation. [3 + 7 = 10 marks]
v) Define IITP or IT Professionals New Zealand. Mention any 3 guidelines you would follow after recruitment, on the new employee’s first day at work. [1 + (3 x 3 = 9) = 10 marks