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1) Describe a database. 2) Describe a database management system with examples for commercial database management systems. 3) What is a relational database. 4) What are the advantages of using a database management system over the conventional way of storing structured data. 5) Describe the importance of ER diagrams in the database design process. 6) What is a database anormally. Describe with examples. 7) Describe 1NF, 2NF and 3NF in your own words. 8) Consider the following scenario You are the database administrator for a Hospital. The hospital has Patients and Doctors. You must create a table in an appropriate database for both of these entities. *Each patient can have more than one doctor and each doctor can have more than one patient. â–ª Draw the ER diagrams where the Patient entity have PatientID, PatientFName, PatientLName, DocID and the Doctor entity have DocID, DocFName, DocLName, Specialization at attributes. â–ª Convert this ER diagram into relational model clearly indicating the cardinality, primary and foreign keys. â–ª Identify anomalies that could arise with this representation and try to eliminate those by adding/altering tables and attributes and re-draw the ER diagram and the relational model. o For the drawn diagrams write the SQL commands create tables using by property selecting correct data type for each column of the tables. o For each table write commands to insert 3 lines of entries by selecting any names and IDs you like. o Write SQL commands to update the DOB of the first patient you inserted. o Write the SQL command to display all entries of the patient table. o Write the SQL command to delete an entry from a table.

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