Management & Organisational Behaviour

HRMM055: Management & Organisational Behaviour- Literature Review Assignment Help


Assignment Brief
For this assignment you are required to:
1. Select one of the following paired areas below associated with Part 2 of the Human Dimension of the programme. Using theories and models from your research critically appraise and evaluate their relationship to Motivation at work.
A. Personality and individual differences
B. Attitudes and job satisfaction

  1. Analyse the impact that your selected topic will have on an employee’s motivation at work (include a relevant motivation model or theory) and to the Organisational Behaviour.

The assignment should be in report format and written in a persuasivestyle that includes critical analysis from relevant literature and research.

An introduction ‘sets the scene’. By that I mean it introduces the topics and tries to engage the reader. For example, why are these topics important to managers and organisations? If you read the assignment brief carefully, you will see there are three topics mentioned: 1. The topics you choose (either Personality and individuals differences or Attitudes and job satisfaction. Not both) 2. Motivation at work and 3. Organisational behaviour. Briefly introduce each in turn.