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London School of Science & Technology Digital Image Creation & Development PicFit Studio Tamas Feher H1509059 Qualification Unit number and title Pearson BTEC HND Diploma in Computing and Systems Development Unit 37: Digital Image Creation & Development Student Name Assessor Name Tamas Feher H1509059 Parisa Saadati Date Issued Completion Date Submitted On 19th September 2016 21st December 2016   Purpose of this assignment This unit aims to develop skills and understanding in sourcing, creating, developing and managing digital images for specific purposes. PicFit is working with number of marketing companies and providing them with some advertisement services. Some of their clients are digital media community centres. In this assignment you will create a photographic portfolio while you are dealing with 3 different projects as part of PicFit. Scenario: You are working in a Famous marketing/advertisement company called PicFit. The company provides marketing consultancy and services for different communities and clients. You as graphic designer are going to help them to provide some of the advertising materials. Please bear in mind you need to make some documentation according to the clients’ need as well. Following are the different demands that are required by clients PicFit; Task 1 World limit(200-300) All pictures must be annotated and Harvard Style referenced if they are not taken by you. For the logo please get it from any travel agency with referencing the source. 1.1 You are going to make an advertisement for a holiday package for a client. You need to choose some pictures for them and they are going to choose 3 among them for one poster Identify various sources for digital images. To avoid IPR issues for this project the client ask you to mention source of the pictures. You need pictures from all available sources. (The pictures need to be seen in the document with their source- at least 5 needed). Please for secondary sources mention the license or reference 1.2 Your task is to design an advertisement for a holiday package. For the second part please make a different, creative advertisement showing a modern happy family on Holiday. You need to have one advert showing a happy family on the summer holiday and the second one is on their winter holiday. (You are going to have one picture combination of both summer and winter with some text and the logo of the client with their offer and discount options.) M1 Explain all the steps of you take to design the solution (advertisement) briefly in bullet points. Also explain which format is better for a billboard advertisement D1 Critically evaluate your advert. How you can make it different next time Task 2 World limit(350-450) 2.1 Identify file formats and fundamentals required to process image data. You have a client for a logo design; They already have a logo (find a Logo from any business from the internet with your own choice); The client wants this logo to be published on their new website, their letter head Pdf version and prints out, for printing on their metal boxes and for their stamp. Please mention what type of format you are going to offer them for each. Justify your reason of choosing different design by going through the fundamentals such as resolution, size, format, modes and other process fundamentals D2 Take the responsibility to show what the steps you are to design a better relevant logo for them. It means take the concerns into the consideration 2.2 Apply digital data management techniques to store imagery. Go to a website and save the picture of their logo in your document. Try to store digital images files on a disk, USB or online storage and try to make a screenshot and add it to your document as evidence Task 3 Word Limit (100-200) 3.1 Use software tools to manipulate images. Review the link below and using different techniques and tools to make a similar image. In bullet point, outline the steps you have used. 5 steps are required. You need to add the JPG of final work in your document as well as uploading the PSD format with all layers available to LSST connect. A neat detailed design can fetch more marks 3.2 Prepare image files for output. Change this to a simple advertisement with a good slogan and present it in 3 slides to show the impact on audience to fetch more marks M2 Evaluate your work by mentioning where the idea comes from and how it meets the requirements M3 Very briefly mention did the final result solve the problem. Is the final picture something close to what you were required to produce Note: Don’t forget the picture should be SFW (Safe for Work) and nude pictures are not ethical to use! Task 4 Word Limit (400-600) 4.1 Evaluate own use of digital images in meeting requirements D3 You need to make a simple advert using your own context for Smoking campaign for NHS. Try to make innovative advert using different sources. Evaluate your work base on constraints of brief, originality, aesthetics, context, meaning and emphasis Only add the JPEG version of the picture to your document. You can come up with different advert; a sample of the advert has been provided. Critical evaluation can help to fetch more marks 4.2 Evaluate others’ use of digital images in meeting specified purposes The picture adopted from: < >, last access [01/07/2016] In case you are interested in the smoke effect watch the tutorial video from this link: Please go to this page: Collect at least 2 adverts and evaluate them base on the same factors mentioned in 4.1.Write a short note for use of the very digital images in meeting specified purposes. All pictures must be annotated and Harvard Style referencing must be used for all pictures used. Please add the photo in your document

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