Logic and Argument

Logic and Argument (1 mark)
High Distinction (HD) Distinction (D) Credit (C) Pass (P) Fail (F) Discussion is logical. Discussion is logical. Discussion is logical with Discussion is mostly Discussion is not logical Secondary sources are Secondary sources some evidence of critical logical, but is primarily and/or descriptive with synthesised and critically critically integrated to analysis evident. descriptive with limited no overall argument integrated to form a form an argument. Assumptions are overall argument. created. No assumptions coherent argument. Assumptions are relevant and clearly Assumptions stated, in stated and/or Assumptions are relevant and clearly stated. The extent and some instances assumptions are not relevant and clearly stated. Use of discipline use of discipline assumptions are clear. Inadequate grasp stated. Extensive use of terminology is extensive terminology is adequate. irrelevant and/or and limited use of discipline terminology is and largely correct unclear. Limited use of discipline terminology. correct in all instances. discipline terminology and/or minor inaccuracies.
Format and Referencing (1 marks)
High Distinction (HD) The report is very well structured. Information is very well organised and easily accessible to the reader. Appropriate and consistent
Distinction (D) The report is well structured. Information is logically organised and sequenced to convey the intended meaning to the reader allowing ease
Credit (C) The report reflect consistent structure. Information is organised and sequenced to convey the intended meaning to the reader.
Pass (P) Report reflects minimal structural flaws. Information has been organised to convey meaning to the reader. Some in-text referencing
Fail (F) No consistent style or structure. No executive summary, introduction and/or conclusion. Limited or evidence of appropriate referencing
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