Literature Review Assignment

Hi guys so I have a Literature Review Assignment for you to do. This assignment is must be done by tomorrow March 31, 2019 around 10pm. By the way, this assignment is already completed. So basically this is a revision assignment, which you are correcting some of the mistakes I already made. Instructions on what to do:Down below are two attachments (Which are very important and must be seen to complete this assignment!)1. The first attachment is a critique of what my professor said I need to revise and work on to make my assignment/ Literature Review stronger. Such as citations or discuss the main points of your outside source and not simply a summary. 2. The second attachment is my paper (or the actual assignment) you’ll be revising and making supervision. Please download the second attachment so that you will be able to make supervisions to my assignment. In addition if supervision are made to make my paper or main points stronger, please make sure whatever you are adding to my assignment is Plagiarism Free! Thank you and good luck!