"Linking Performance Management to Strategy at Procter & Gamble" .

Referencing Styles : Open Objective This assessment item relates to course learning outcomes 1 and 4. Structure Follow the CQU Guide for Report Writing (available on Moodle). Your assignment must be written in Times New Roman, size 12, with 1.5 line spacing. You must follow all other formatting rules described in the guide mentioned above. Topic Background “Good performance management systems encourage employees to make tangible and important contributions toward the organization’s strategic objectives.” Aguinis (2014) Performance Management (3rd Edition; Pearson New International Edition) Task You are required to carefully review and evaluate Case Study 4 of Chapter 3 from your textbook (Page 84): “Linking Performance Management to Strategy at Procter & Gamble” . Answer the following critical thinking questions in the format of a short report. Imagine you are an HR executive at P&G: Given the company’s strategic orientation toward purpose and values, what would you do to help align a new performance management system with the strategic plan? How would you explain this relationship? What would you say and do to garner company-wide support for your performance management system? For each case you are to prepare a response of approximately equivalent length to all of the critical thinking questions presented above. Provide relevant research evidence to justify and support your response in addition to the set text. Instructions: You are expected to read widely for the assignment. You should access scholarly material (not just your textbook), including peer reviewed journal articles, chapters from edited books of readings, and books on specific human resource management (HRM) topics (at least 8 additional references required for the entire assignment). A good guide would be to use at least 2 additional references (ideally these would be journal articles from 2010-2015) for each of the case studies. The reference lists found in your prescribed textbook, as well as other texts, are good places to start when searching for additional references. Reliance on websites or textbooks only is NOT an appropriate academic literature search and will not help you to achieve higher marks and/or grading. The purpose of this piece of assessment is for you to demonstrate your ability to construct an in-depth and critical analysis discussion on Performance Management topics. In doing so, you are expected to use, and correctly cite, a range of relevant scholarly literature as evidence to justify and support your work. .

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