lesson plans. You must focus on ONE year group

Assessment 3 Planning a 5 week Teaching Program using 5E Model 45% Prepare a 5 week teaching and learning program for Science using the 5E model. This is a teaching and learning program NOT just a series of unconnected lesson plans. You must focus on ONE year group from years 3-6 in ONE (1) conceptual area of Science. Plan a series of interesting, hands on and exciting science lessons that are based on the Australian Science Curriculum. http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/Science/Curriculum/F-10. Choose a relevant content description to develop over the series of 5 lessons around the 5E model. For example Year 4 Biological Science Living things have life cycles (ACSSU072). Your teaching and learning program will need to: • Be aligned to the Australian Curriculum Science. • Use the proformas provide to scaffold your report. • Include THREE assessment types within your program (diagnostic, formative and summative). • Focus on the content description for ONE (1) year group in ONE (1) conceptual area of Science. • Include aspects from the Inquiry and Science as a Human Endeavour strands appropriate to the year level. • Clearly demonstrate how the 5E method is applied. • Be age-appropriate. • Incorporate current Science teaching and learning theory and strategies as examined throughout the unit. • Provide at least one (1) integration opportunity (not lesson) for cross-curricular learning (and be specific to how and where it would link (not just say ‘linked to Maths’). • Consider how ICT strategies can be included. • Include relevant resources as appendices Assume one dedicated 60 minute lesson of Science per week in a primary classroom, therefore 5 Science lessons in total. *In addition for each lesson, a brief rationale needs to be included to clarify the aims and curriculum intention of the program and demonstrate your understanding of unit materials. Lesson Plan’s Overview 10% This overview helps you consider all the aspects of planning that you need to consider and enables you to highlight them and then remember to include them in your programme document. On the ‘Lesson Plan’s Overview’ provided: • highlight the statements in the boxes that apply to your 5 lessons • Add the topic name, year level and term • Add the outcome abbreviations for your 5 lessons (taken from the Australian Curriculum) • For each of the 5 E’s write a maximum of 2 sentences that summarise each lesson and how it relates to the 5 E’s.   Part B Science lesson plans 30% These should 1) Use the proforma provided and this helps you consider aspects such as: a. Learning objectives/outcomes, b. Students prior knowledge, c. Lesson steps (briefly outlined tasks in dot points), d. Key questions, e. Assessment, f. Resources/material, 2) Your lesson ideas may be taken from other sources, however, you must adapt any lessons that you use. Choose your sources wisely and be innovative you need to consider how to excite and engage your students. 3) Please include all your resources as appendices (including PP slides, IWB notebooks, templates). 4) You should provide one single reference list and appendix at the end of your assignment. Presentation • Left aligned text • 11 pt Arial • Numbered pages • All assessments should include appropriate in-text referencing and a reference page using APA (6th ed.) style • First name, family name and student number in header • Must not exceed 5 double sider pages for the lesson plans (1 double page per lesson on proforma plus additional material) • You must use the template that has been provided • Your file size must not exceed 5 MB in total for information on how to reduce your file size please contact the LMS team.

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