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Module 3 Module III (November 21- November 25, 2022)
Please choose one of the following questions below. I encourage you to highlight the connection between your answer, and what you read in the assigned chapters. Your initial posting: length. Your first posting is due on November 21, 2022. no later than midnight.
Your two response postings to your classmates’ discussions are due November 25, 2022, no later than midnight.
Having participated in online distances courses. I understand that posting your responses to a discussion forum for others to read/respond may be a bit daunting. I will do my ver respectful, and inclusive discussion for everyone to share, so we can learn individually, but also as a group!
1. How does the Charter protect our legal rights?
2. What has the Supreme Court of Canada told us about a reasonable amount of time to have a trial? 3. Do you agree with the Supreme Court of Canada’s finding in the Sauve decision? Why or why not? 4. If you were advising Stephen Harper. and the National Citizens Coalition about the Charter and electoral spending limits, what would your advice be? 5. Why is the right to counsel important? Why has the Supreme Court of Canada told us about this right?

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