Lean Canvas

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Lean Canvas
Problem Solution Unique Value Proposition Unfair Advantage Customer Segments
Top 3 problems Top 3 features Single, clear and compelling message that states why you are different and worth buying


Can’t be easily copied or bought


Target Customers
Existing Alternatives Key Metrics High-Level Concept Channels Early Adopters
List how these problems are solved today. Key activities you measure List your X for Y analogy

(e.g. YouTube = Flickr for videos)

Path to customers List the characteristics of your ideal customers.
Cost Structure Revenue Structure
List your fixed and variable costs.

Customer acquisition costs

Distribution costs




List your sources of revenue.

Revenue Model

Life Time Value


Gross Margin

Lean Canvas is adapted from The Business Model Canvas (www.businessmodelgeneration.com/canvas). Word implementation by: Neos Chronos Limited (https://neoschronos.com). License: CC BY-SA 3.0