l interview. Utilize the data in Unit 2 Discussion B

Coding Project Report of Virtual Interview Question Responses In this Individual Project you will execute and discuss a Qualitative Data Coding Process as you code and summarize your classmates’ responses to the virtual interview. Utilize the data in Unit 2 Discussion Board 2 where you addressed the inquiry: Explain what being a doctoral student means for you. How has your life changed since starting your doctoral journey? Describing a Qualitative Data Coding Process, code and summarize your classmates’ responses to the virtual interview question posed in the earlier Unit 2 Discussion Board 2: Capturing Qualitative Data Virtually. To create the transcript for analysis, copy and paste each of your classmates’ responses into a Word document. Provide the results of your coding process, using a diagram to present your findings. Your diagram could be in a matrix format (table) or a concept chart (node network). Refer to your assigned readings on diagramming or other resources explaining how to graphically display qualitative findings. Your submitted report should include the following: • Description of your coding process • Topical coding scheme (list of topics; code book) • Diagram of findings (topics and themes) • Brief narrative summary of findings referring to your graphic diagram • Appendix with coded transcripts in one of the following formats: o A Word document showing color-coded codes o A Word document using the comments function to indicate codes o An output file from qualitative software This is the template that needs to be used below. Once completed all parts in blue must be deleted. the title with a legend that explains the symbols in the figure and a caption that explains the figure.” Following the pie chart, provide a one paragraph narrative summary of the contents and meaning of the findings presented in the pie chart.) Summary (This is where you “tell the reader what you just told them.” It’s repetitive and redundant, by design; that’s how academic papers are written. You should begin with a sentence like, “This paper presented an academic exercise in qualitative data analysis. Data were gathered from… etc.” Continue by including a few sentences, in order, from each section of your paper. The last sentence in this section should summarize your findings.) References (Include all the information sources you cited in your paper, using correct APA format) (Insert PAGE BREAK here so that the next section begins on a separate page.) Appendix A (Begin with a brief paragraph that describes the contents of Appendix A. Then paste all of the DB posts, labeled anonymously [Respondent A, Respondent B, etc.] with the key words and phrases highlighted with the appropriate color to match your Code Book. NO citations are needed for the Appendix section; it’s only supposed to contain your raw data.) All DB post are below: There are several reasons associated with being a doctoral student, and this doctoral journey has changed my life. First, being a doctoral student means that I can learn more about research and gathering information. Next, being a doctoral student means that I will be able to apply my research findings in the future to improve the services available to military and veteran students. Additionally, this doctoral journey has changed my life because I must apply more academic work to my current schedule. This application of academic work has changed my personal schedule because I now have less time available. Finally, my life has changed since starting my doctoral journey because I have learned new approaches to gathering and reporting information which has helped me in my professional life. DB 2 To answer this question, I had to think about my reason for enrolling in the doctoral program. Earning a doctoral degree is one of the highest accomplishments an individual can obtain. The reason that I am in this program is to learn the how to gather data, and to gain a higher-level research methodology. Healthcare is forever changing and to be on the fore-front of the changes requires individuals to increase their knowledge about practices and technology. Doctoral education is not just about theories and framework, it involves weaving it all together to determine “what if,” “how,” and “why” about the research topic. Being a doctoral student means engaging in thoughtful responses with other students and faculty. It is essential that people develop supportive relationships with family, friends, and co-workers to help with this journey. It is important to stick to a dedicated schedule to complete the program. The doctoral program fulfills the desire for knowledge and helps individuals understand the research process. How has your life changed since starting your doctoral project? My life has changed due to keeping schedules and completing assignments promptly. As a full-time employee, learning how to carve time out of my schedules for family and completing task helps me with time management. By dedicating specific time to complete assignments and to spend time with family assists me to juggle duties with the limited number of hours to rely upon during the day. There is always too much to do and not a lot of time. To reduce stress, I rely on the F’s: faculty, family, faith, fitness, and fun to balance my life. DB 3 Becoming a doctoral student to me means achieving a higher level of learning, personal and professional growth. Since I started my doctoral journey my life has changed for the better, in the sense of personal growth. Learning how to face fears and overcome obstacles. Believing that I can achieve what some may call the impossible. Although it has not been easy, I know I am incredibly blessed to be in this situation, I plan to take full advantage to achieve my personal and professional goals. DB 4 Throughout this journey of life, the importance of obtaining an education has been strongly stressed at home. The author’s father dropped out of school, joined the United States Army, and served in the Vietnam War. He later earned a GED and an associate’s degree in business. In time, he had his own business. The author’s mother immigrated to the United States from Mexico with only a sixth-grade education. After fifteen years, the parents divorced sending the mother and children from being upper middle class into the evil clutches of poverty. The author experienced serious culture shock plummeting from sheltered private Catholic schools into a chaotic public school system. The emotional imprisonment became more aggravated watching the mother struggle trying to keep a house from repossession while raising three daughters alone. The desire to obtain a higher education stemmed from the innate fear of remaining in a welfare dependent cycle. Obtaining a higher education is a personal investment in self-preservation. Obtaining an under graduate degree lifted the author from a pay scale of eight dollars an hour up to a salary of forty thousand dollars a year. Since the graduate education journey began, there has been a salary increase of more than twenty-two thousand dollars. The honored privilege of being permitted to be among the small percentage of individuals globally to study at the doctoral level is indescribable. Everything in life has changed. Everything emotionally has changed from a sense of worthlessness onto a state of empowerment. The author’s mother has always stated that an education is the only thing nobody can ever take away from you. As the high education journey continues this statement becomes much clearer. DB 5 What being a doctoral student means to me is stepping out of my comfort zone and reaching for something that is both difficult and rewarding. It is difficult because I am trying to attain a terminal degree in a subject in which I have no professional experience, only desire and that desire is fueled mainly by the thought of not reaching the goal. I often remind myself this is a journey, and I don’t ha
ve all the right answers and its ok to fail sometimes along the way. I work long days and nights in an environment not conducive to furthering one’s education, this also adds to the difficulty. What makes it rewarding is learning that at my age there is still much to learn and achieve. What has changed in life is that I have less debilitating fears that can stop me from moving forward because success in each course completed gives me confidence. DB 6 First of all, deciding to pursue a doctoral degree is a commitment, and every doctoral student has different purposes and expectations. Second, the transition between an ordinary student minds set to a scholar or the idea to become an expert in the field of study is life changing. Doctoral studies are demanding and require discipline, a lot of readings, sacrifice and time management not to mention the complexities of the academic research and writing. Being a doctoral student is a dream that has come true for me, a single mother of three. It is a change of my identity. I am the first in my family to reach this level; I was born from a mother who never been at school and a father whose education level did not go beyond a high school diploma. It is a privilege to obtain a doctorate, I still remember those words from my mother who passed away two years ago. Since I embarked on this journey, my life has changed tremendously. It has been revolving around stress, anxiety, fear, inadequacy to meet scholarly writing, time constraints, social isolation to passion and a strong desire to succeed. To make this happen, my goals is to develop effective strategies to overcome the challenges as long as I have adequate support to help me complete the program. I have made some adjustment as far as time to spend my children. Every day, I am thinking about my dissertation, and despite my busy schedule, I am learning to prioritize and to do everything to make things happen as I am still struggling to refine my research question. DB 7 This has been a very interesting and challenging experience for me. However, I appreciate the opportunity to be in a position where I can learn to add to the body of knowledge. While I’m at a very important stage in my life, I want to take every learning experience as steps along the way and think creatively like an architect to craft designs and outline blueprints, as I’m building blocks of knowledge to build my own pyramid of success. Being a full-time mother, professional, and student has not only taught me time effective management skills also how to be more of an observer, active researcher, listener, and intellectual communicator. In addition to academically, personally, and professionally how to balance life out with my work life also sending quality time with my family. Some days it can be quite challenging, because it’s not easy at all staying up long hours, just trying to get through each day. Moreover, the experiences of rigorous researching, coursework load of assignments, or interacting with classmates, and the APA style writing can be overwhelming, juggling two classes at a time. I’m looking forward to the future for exploring more, and also to the completion of this amazing journey.

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