J & J Company and Its Future Surviv.

J & J Company and Its Future Survival J & J Company was set up in 1994 and their especially distributed products are construction material products, for example –wall tiles, floor tiles, bathroom taps and basins, kitchen cabinets, wallpapers, and parquets… etc.. In the past time, although their concern had been a success and maturation, after year of 2000, its business was downed why due to their governmental policy un-stability and economic crisis. Most of the constructional projects were not being able to proceed their existing sites why decreasing the sales of their apartments and silencing in the real estate market sector. Besides, it is starting to suffer meeting with insufficient income and capital cash flow weakness. These causes are effected to a high degree of employee turnover rate, uncertainty of long term company survival, and existing market shares. On the subject of these cases, the company calls all relevant departmental heads for co-ordination meeting aimed at solving for current difficulties and getting the right answers how to survive the company in the long term. The head of J&J company explained to his managers at the meeting that “we need to mainly consider in three key areas related with marketing, financial, and organizational affairs “. Task 1. If you are a marketing director of this company, please discuss about how to sustain this state of affairs and to survive in the company longer life by using related theories, useful articles, references, and owned ideas.

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